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Smartphone maker Zen Mobiles is known for its low-priced smartphone in the market. Today we get new smartphones of Zen Zen Cinemax 3 Will review This smartphone is an upgraded variant of the previous Zenam phone Cinemax 2. Zen Cinemax 2 Was launched in December last year.

The new Cinemax 3 is very similar to the previous smartphone. But it has increased storage along with specification upgrade. But is the Zen Cinemax 3 at Rs 5,499 a smartphone worth buying? Learn about it

Design and design
Cinemax 3 on the rear cover, due to the highly protruding edges on the first look OB Worldphone SF 1 (Review). The design of the phone is decent, although it is difficult to feel when looking at the phone because its rear is equipped with sandstone texture. Due to the texture, the grip of the phone is good and there is no fingerprint.

The protruding frame of the phone is good for beauty, but it causes problems when the device is placed in charging. The USB port is also placed in such a way that the connection is broken only with a slight movement. The USB cable that comes with the phone is definitely a bit long but it does not work well. And many times we faced disconnection while copying files from the device. Apart from this, if the cable that comes along is lost, then you will have no option to charge the phone nearby. Because removing the rear cover of the phone and charging with another cable is a very difficult task.

The phone has a non-backlit capacitive button on the front and a speaker grill on the rear. The display is also not better than before. The phone has a 5.5 inch display panel of 480×854 pixels resolution. The screen's density is 162 ppi. Viewing angle and color reproduction are also quite poor. The phone has neither an ambient light sensor nor a notification LED.

The battery in the phone is removable and removing the rear cover can be seen with two SIM slots and a separate microSD card slot (32 GB). In the box you will find a charger, data cable, headset, screen protector and a case for the phone. Looking at the price, the quality of the accessory that comes with the phone can be said to be accurate.

Specification and feature
The Zen Cinemax 3 has a 1.3 GHz quad-core Spreadtrum SC7731 processor. This phone has 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage. The performance of this phone is quite similar to the Micromax Unite 4 Pro, which is not very good. The phone's benchmark figures are also not good.

This phone does not come with 4G support, which can be a problem for many people. Apart from this, the phone has connectivity features like Wi-Fi B / G / N, Bluetooth, GPS and FM radio. This phone does not support USB OTG. The Cinemax 3 has an accelerometer and a proximity sensor.

Talk about software, Cinemax 3 runs on the near-stock version of Android 5.1 Lollipop. Zen has given some customizations like lock screen magazine (page2) in the phone, from which you can view news snippets and play puzzle games. Apps like Ultra Zone Store for buying video clips, News streaming, NexGTV for TV shows and movies, Zen Care for finding service centers and Zen Store for wallpapers, music and more have been given.

Most Zen apps have very few links to the website. Apart from this, many spam apps and trial games also come pre-loaded in the phone. The good thing is that you can uninstall all these apps including Google Play Music, Play Movie etc. by going to the Settings app and through the 'Delete Application'. Apart from this, the phone also has an SOS feature so that by pressing the power button for five consecutive times, you can send an emergency message to the selected contacts.

The design of the Zen Cinemax 3 is not good. It is quite large and due to its very raised edge it does not fit easily in the pocket. The phone ran smoothly for most of the time and we did not have any heat problems during the review. The call quality of the phone is good but it cannot be called great. The phone does not have 4G support, so you will have to run from 3G itself. The screen's touch response is not very good.

Android works fine when you are browsing through the homescreen but there is a problem during multitasking and app loading. Websites open slowly in Chrome and they are difficult to scroll. You can play simple games in the phone easily, but if you want to play games like Asphalt or Altoz Adventure, then this phone will not be possible.

The phone has full HD video play but does not enjoy to watch and this is due to the poor quality of the display. The sound coming from the speaker is quite loud for incoming notifications.

Cinemax 3 has a 5 megapixel rear camera, which makes close-up shots good. Landscape photos taken from phones are very bad. The focus in the phone is very slow. In fact, due to poor display, it becomes very difficult to say whether the picture you are taking is good or bad. Talk about selfie then the front camera is also not good.

The camera app given in the phone is the stock Google Camera app in which you will get panorama, HDR and some other options. Apart from this there is nothing special.

The phone has a 2900 mAh battery which lasted for 9 hours 46 minutes in our video loop test. It can be called good. During normal usage, we were able to run the phone for a day on a full charge once.

Our decision
Given the current trade in the market, we feel that the company could have made Cinemax 3 much better. Instead, the company launched the phone with some upgrades to last year's phones, which is not enough. 4G LTE is the most sought-after feature in the market, so it is useless to buy a new smartphone without 4G support. One reason is enough to not buy this smartphone.

Apart from this, the other shortcomings of Cinemax 3, the display is not good, the performance is weak and the camera is also simple. The design of the phone also cannot be called very good due to the USB port.

With this much better specification and feature in the market at this price Carbon quattro l50 hd Other smartphones are available. Despite the price cut, we would recommend not buying Zen Cinemax 3 smartphone.


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