Why Adsense Decline My Adsense Earning

I work with the Adsense a A common question we get is “My earnings are declining what can i do?” This is a very common situation and it occurs for a number of situations both in and out of your control something that could be out of your control is seasonality for instance, if your site only deals with content that shaped around a specific TV show or time of year that could be a situation of earnings decline that you can’t quite control so we’re going to focus on other ways of dealing with earnings decline specifically I want to walk you through a performance report you know what to look for and then from there how to action on it the main things in the performance report you want to pay attention to our page views impressions clicks and you’re active view metric these four things are great starter points to understanding what happened to cause the decline in earnings and the different kind of strategies to engage in to improve these things now I’m not going to walk through the in-depth strategies for each of these things right now but I want you to be aware those are the four main things that can be going on and that are in your control to make a difference so what you want to do is filter your performance report by one of those metrics or all of them at once and then see which one both correlates closest with your earnings and is declining I’ll take the example of clicks as its most often one that correlates with your earnings because the more clicks on your ads that’s the more revenue get paid on a cost-per-click basis to that end if your clicks are declining over time either dramatically or slowly this means you want to focus on your ad implementation and how to improve those clicks so now you know that clicks are the situation here you want to go to the help center and our earnings decline troubleshooter this has lots of in-depth knowledge on both what’s going on to increase your clicks and click-through-rate as well as any other metrics we just talked about here remember pageviews impressions clicks and active view so once you know it’s one or a few of those go to the Help Center go to earnings decline troubleshooter and start reading through our in-depth tips and best practices that we’ve created over multiple years working with the product on how you can turn that earnings decline around thank you

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