Whatsapp Ban Application Form – Unban Your Whatsapp Number

Hello friends, in this article today I am going to share with you how to unbain WhatsApp’s banned number.

Friends, in this article I have written an application that you have to copy and put your WhatsApp number in it and send that application to the official mail id of Whatsapp after which your Whatsapp will be in Mumbai.

This can also take time from work to work and may take as much time as possible.

If you have not violated the term and condition of WhatsApp, then your number will be able to use WhatsApp again within 24 to 42 hours.


If you have violated the rules and laws of WhatsApp, then it may take more than 6 days to recover.

How to unbain Whatsapp’s banned number.

Application form whatsapp ban

Hello Whatsapp Team,
My Mobile Number ENTER_YOUR_NUMBER has been banned by whatsapp. It’s my main personal number, i need it too much. I’m sure I have never spread spam on whatsapp and i always use Official whatsapp insteal mod version. Kindly unban my number.
Thank You

Whatsapp Ban Application Form – Unban Your Whatsapp Number

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