What is a spam score? What happens with this

People who work on websites and blogs. They always pay attention to the fact that the rank and traffic of their blog and website should never be reduced. Because if the Spam Score is too high then you will have to do a spam score analysis of your domain. So that you can find out and fix the spam score of the domain.

Now you must be thinking that this is Spam Score Kya hai? How do we see it and how to check it with Spam Score Checker and reduce it? Due to which the spam score of our website and blog is always low.

So let’s know about the website’s Spam Score –

Do you know what a website spam score is and how to reduce it? This lowers the search ranking of the website and also reduces its organic traffic. In this post I will show you how to check the spam score of website and blog and how to reduce the spam score? I will tell you about So let’s know how to check & fix website Spam Score in Hindi.

But still there are many reasons which reduce the rank of website and blog in google. As soon as the rank is low, the traffic comes down. Due to which your online earning also decreases.

One of the reasons for this is the high Spam Score of the website. Every blogger and website owner should keep in mind that the spam score of their website should not be too high, it should always be low. If there is too much, they can check it and reduce it. But those who are new blogger know very little about it. Due to which they are not able to increase the traffic of their website.

Spam score is a rating system, released by Moz in 2015. Spam Score predicts chances of Spam on the website.

The higher the spam score on a website, the greater the likelihood of spam on it. This spam score is given based on the content of the website and its backlink.

Spam score ranges from 1% to 100% but Moz shows it in 1-17 number of flags. It is made into 3 parts, consisting of numbers 0-4, 5-7 and 8-17.

Spam Score क्या है? What is Spam Score?

Spam Score is a type of rating system that was released by SEO data and software company Moz to measure the website’s spam quality.
Spam Score is represented by number of flags between Moz 0-17. It is divided into three parts – 0-4, 5-7 and 8-17.
If your website’s Spam Score is 0-4 then it is fine but if it starts to 5-7 then it should be reduced immediately, otherwise google will penalize your site.

Spam Score के ज्यादा होने का क्या कारण होता है? What causes Spam Score to be high?

As we know it is necessary to create a backlink to rank the website in google and increase traffic. But the new bloggers and website owners who accidentally make backlink from spam website, due to which the spam score of their website increases.

So always keep in mind that whenever you take a backlink from a website, you must check its Spam Score and take backlink only from the website with high domain authority and low spam score.

Website Spam Score Check कैसे करें?

Moz provides a tool named Link Explorer to check website spam scores. With this tool you can find out the Spam Score of your website.

  • For this, first you go to the Link Explorer tool.
  • Now copy and paste the URL of your website here.
  • After adding the website link, click on the search icon button.
  • Then click Spam Score in the left navigation menu.
  • Now here you can see the spam score of your site.

Watch this video for more information.

How to create a disavow notepad file? Disavow notepad फ़ाइल कैसे बनाएं?

  • In the Excel you have downloaded, first look at the URL given in it, whether it is from different domains or from the same domain.
  • Here Google gives you two options.
  • Disavow URL – This means that Google will ignore a particular URL, such as example.com/list-of-seo-inks
  • To disavow the URL, you need to create a Disavow Notepad file like this.

Disavow Domain – This means that Google will ignore any and all URLs on the entire domain, such as example.com, ignoring all URLs.
To disavow the domain, you have to create a Disavow Notepad file like this.

If you search by typing “spam score checker tools” in google, you will find many spam checker tools like Website SEO Checker and Small SEO Tools.

How to fix Spam Score? Spam Score को fix कैसे करे?

How to submit disavow notepad to Google Search Console?

If you want to reduce the increased Spam Score of your domain or subdomain, then you first need to know about the bad backlink due to which the Spam Score has increased. Which you have found out through the MOZ website.
When you have to disavow all bad backlink in google webmaster tool.

How do I submit a disavow notepad file?

For this, open this tool and now select the site in which you want to disavow the backlink.
Then click on the disavow link button

How much is a spam score correct? कितना स्पैम स्कोर सही होता है?

How much spam score is believed to be correct and secure, please also know about please. Spam score is divided into 3 parts. Which you can see in the screenshot below.

0-4 flags number means 0.5% to 7.5% spam, 5-7 flags number means 11.4% to 30.6% spam and 8-14 flags number means 56.8% to 100% spam.

  • If your site’s spamscore is 0-4 then it can be ignorant.
  • But a 5-7 spam score starts the danger zone.
  • On the other hand, if the spam score is 8–17, then it means this high spam score. This means google can penalize your site anytime.

How to reduce Website Spam Score? Website Spam Score कम कैसे करे?

Now you have to fix this spam score, for this, first you have to find the bad links that have caused your website’s spam score to be high.

You can use Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz Explorer tools to detect bad backlinks. After that you have to disavow all the bad backlink in Google Webmaster Tools.

After that google will not include all those useless links in the backlink of your site and because of them there will be no problem in the search rank of your site.

First of all download bad backlinks file, you can also download backlink from google search console tools.

  1. After that open Google Disavow Links tools.
  2. Now select the site in which to disavow the backlink.
  3. Then click on the Disavow Links button.
  4. Now here you can upload and submit a bad backlinks file.

What is the disadvantage of having a high Spam Score? Spam Score ज्यादा होने का क्या नुकसान है?

If your website’s Spam Score is high then google will not like your website and will penalize it and reduce its rank.

After this, no matter how good you do the SEO of your website, google will not rank your website page. If the Spam Score of any website is high, then users trust them less. So it is very important that your website’s Spam Score never be too high.

Conclusion –

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