Using Your Phone As a Wireless Microphone - How To Use Your Phone As a Mic

Using Your Phone As a Wireless Microphone – How To Use Your Phone As a Mic

Friends, even after all your efforts, you are not able to connect your microphone to your computer and if it happens that you will feel like if you make your phone a wire-free microphone.
In today’s post, we are going to tell you how you can use your phone as a wireless microphone and this will save you money spent in buying your microphone and also the problem of buying and repeatedly spoiling your microphone. Will go away

Using Your Phone As a Wireless Microphone - How To Use Your Phone As a Mic

The phone can be made a wireless microphone

Friends, let me tell all of you, I did not even know about this and one day I thought in my mind that instead of computer microphone, we can connect our mobile to our computer by some method. After that, I opened the Google Play store with the mobile picked up, I searched the computer mic, then I found a lot of apps, one of which was the wo mic. I felt like I even made a video on YouTube.

Main features:

  • Wireless microphone without any cost
  • Can be used with any programs on PC just like REAL microphone
  • Very short lag
  • Easy to configure and use
  • Supports auto reconnection when your PC reboots
  • Support multiple connection methods: USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi direct
  • Audio format: 48000 sampling rate, 16 bits per sample, mono channel

How Do You Use Wo Mic

wo mic is very easy to use and the best thing is that it can connect to our computer in three ways

  • 1 – via wifi
  • 2 – via usb port
  • 3 – via Bluetooth

WO Mic – FREE microphone

  • Features

WO Mic can turn your telephone to be a microphone in your computer. You want not to pay a cent to buy any gadget. And it’s cellular in case you pick out wi-fi delivery. millions of human beings have hooked up it and are using it day by day for speakme, recording, voice faraway manage and plenty of other sports.

3 components cooperate to attain that:

WO Mic App which runs on telephone. It captures your voice through cellphone microphone and transmit them to pc.
WO Mic consumer which runs on laptop. It connects to app, gets voice statistics and passes them to digital mic device.

WO Mic virtual tool which also runs on pc, though in kernel space. It receives voice records from customer software, simulates a actual microphone tool, and gives audio data to programs like Sound Recorder.
below diagram shows how captured voice data is flowing through those components:

Using Your Phone As a Wireless Microphone - How To Use Your Phone As a Mic

How Do You Install Wo Mic In Computer

To install wo mic, it has 2 files, one is its setup and the other is its drive. Unless you install both files it will not work properly and you will get upset.

  • wo mic client
  • wo mic setup

There are 5 mic modes. Due to different Android phone hardware and OEM customization, not all modes may be supported on your phone. Even some are supported, they may not have same effect as described here. So please take below mode description as a hint and explore each mode on your phone to select appropriate one.

  • Default. Phone embedded microphone.
  • Mic mode 1. Try this if you want to use external wired headset.
  • Mic mode 2. Try this if there are echoes with other modes.
  • Mic mode 3. Try this if you will speak at a long distance or noisy environment.
  • Rear mic. Try this if you want to better capture sound from back.

Connect from client

On Windows, follow these steps to connect:

  1. Launch WO Mic client.
  2. Select Connection -> Connect…
  3. In connect dialog, select same transport type as you did on phone in 3.2.
  4. In Details pane, specify auxiliary connection parameters:
    • Bluetooth. Select the phone Bluetooth name in the dropdown list.
    • USB. None.
    • Wi-Fi. Enter the IP address shown on server.
    • Wi-Fi Direct. Enter the IP address of SoftAP. Use the default if you don’t know what it is.
  5. Click Connect.

Once client shows to be connected, audio data captured by phone will be streamed to computer.

Verify streaming is going well

Before using WO Mic device, you may want first to verify audio is being streamed correctly from phone to PC. To do that, play received audio data directly:

  • Click Options menu in WO Mic client.
  • Enable Play in speaker.
  • Unmute PC speaker.

If everything goes well, you can hear sound captured by phone.

Download Wo Mic Setup

Click Here To Download

Download Wo Mic Driver

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Wo Mic Apk Download

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Using Your Phone As a Wireless Microphone - How To Use Your Phone As a Mic

The description of WO Mic

Are you trying to find one wireless mic to your pc or Mac? properly, you need now not to spend money and time to buy one. just do this app!

WO Mic turns your Android telephone to be a microphone for your pc. you may use it for voice chatting, recording, and popularity. It has nearly little latency (*relying on shipping and surroundings), just like real microphone gadgets!

the connection between pc and Android telephone can be through Bluetooth, USB, or WiFi.

recognized problem on Android 9 (Pie):
beginning from Android 9 Pie, Android prevents history app from having access to microphone for privacy purpose. To work round that, WO Mic will request screen to be usually ON. You have to never turn off display manually to make telephone sleep; otherwise, you will word mutation so that it will repair to regular once you switch ON screen again.

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