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When Realme launched its Narzo series earlier this year, the company said it was meeting customers' demand for powerful processors at lower prices, even if it meant compromising in other areas such as camera quality. . The Narzo series was introduced for a different group rather than a particular price segment. However, the Narzo 10 and 10A depart Realme 6i and Realme C3 with a different name and some minor differences. Now, we have the new Narzo 20, 20A and 20 Pro – but will the same old story be repeated?

The new Narzo 20 In terms of series design and features Realme c12 And Realme c15 And when it comes to specifications, we are struggling to fit them into the right segment. It costs 500 rupees less than the Realme C15 and it comes with a better processor, but there are some compromises when it comes to cameras.

Here Reality It is also becoming difficult for us to understand what we want to do. In such a situation, only one question comes, is Realme making things complicated for buyers? Who should buy new models from these and Other smartphone Who will buy We are going to try to answer these questions in this review of Realme Narzo 20.

Realme Narzo 20 price and specifications

The biggest thing that distinguishes the Realme Narzo 20 from the C1x series of smartphones is its more powerful MediaTek Helio G85 processor. We saw slightly sluggish performance in Realme C12 and C15 due to the Helio G35 chipset. As such, it is a big improvement. The phone has been launched with 4 GB RAM and has 64 GB and 128 GB storage variants to choose from, priced at Rs 10,499 and Rs 11,499 respectively.

Another major difference is in the camera setup. The Narzo 20 offers a 48-megapixel primary camera, an 8-megapixel ultra wide camera and a 2-megapixel macro lens. It is surprising that the company has not introduced this phone with a “quad camera” badge using another low-resolution sensor in the phone, which is the biggest weapon for marketing nowadays, but we don't consider it a compromise. There are many things you can do with three cameras.

All other specifications are the same in all three models. The 6000mAh battery is undoubtedly a big cell point and you also get 18W fast charging. Interestingly, the Narzo 20 has a USB Type-C port, while its younger siblings need a micro-USB cable and charger to charge. The three models in the new Narzo 20 series have similar dimensions and feel quite thick with 9.8mm thickness, although the Narzo 20 is lighter than both other phones with its 208 gram weight.

The same display specifications are available in all three phones, but there is no information about which panel Realme has used in them. You get a 6.5-inch HD + (720×1600 pixels) panel, which comes with Waterdrop Notch. There is a tray slot supporting two nano-SIMs and a microSD card. It also includes dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5 support.


Realme Narzo 20 design and usability

We are not surprised that the Narzo 20 looks very similar to the C-series model in appearance. It also comes in silver and blue colors just like the C-series. Our Narzo is a 20 unit Victory Blue. The rectangular camera module has three lenses and a flash and also has a fingerprint sensor at the back, which users with small hands may feel slightly up. Given that it is a relatively thick phone, it is not very difficult to hold, but if you are accustomed to having a long conversation then you will definitely feel its weight.

In the front you have rounded edges and thick bezels surround the phone and the chin is also relatively thick. Realme says that gorilla glass has been used in it, but which version is not known. Our unit already had a thin screen protector, but the plastic box is not available in the retail box. The power and volume buttons are all on the right, which are easy to reach.

Realme has done a good job with the design overall. This phone does not necessarily feel very premium, but the build quality is solid. It is not very difficult to use with one hand due to its comfortable size and non-slippery.


Realme Narzo 20 software and performance

Our review unit included Android 10 and the August 2020 security patch. The Realme UI skin is smooth and not very different from the stock Android, while it still offers a lot of useful features such as split screen mode, game optimizer, app cloning, kids mode, private storage, smart sidebar and gestures.

Of course there are some preloaded bloatware, including many Reality apps, Amazon, Facebook, and WPS Office. Apart from this, the phone also offers apps like browser, music and video apps as well as theme stores, which cannot be removed. Theme stores and browsers repeatedly push notifications in the phone, but we haven't had any problems with everything else.

The screen was not as bright in sunlight so that you could enjoy the content in the best way and we noticed that automatic adjustment sometimes does not work on its own when needed. The screen resolution is slightly lower and the colors are not vivid, but everything still looked crisp and the content experience was decent. The speaker can also be called fine, but not the best. This is fine for game effects, but not for music enthusiasts. WideWin DRM certification is only L3, so HD video streaming is not possible.


Gaming is considered the core strength of MediaTek's Helio G-series processors, so we tried out some popular games. Asphalt 9: Legends was smoother than most, but during gaming some of the scenes showed problems of freezing frames during flips and crashes. Dead Trigger 2 ran without any trouble. The rear upper part of the Narzo 20 became slightly warmer when playing heavy games.

The 6000mAh battery was definitely good in terms of its capacity. We were able to use the Narzo 20 in a single charge for about two days. During this time we streamed an entire film, took a lot of photos and videos, streamed many media content and even played some games. In our HD video loop test, the phone ran for 29 hours, 6 minutes. If the battery capacity is looked at, the charging was also relatively fast.


Realme Narzo 20 cameras

As we said, to follow the trend only, like the Realme C1x model, an additional weak sensor has not been added to the new Narzo 20 phone, which is a good thing. Contestants may offer four cameras, but trust me, you won't feel the need for low-resolution sensors at all. However the lack of a depth sensor is surprising, as it is a very low-cost feature, which is also available in entry-level smartphones nowadays.

The primary camera is 48-megapixels, which performs its job well and gives proper photo quality. Colors are quite good most of the time, but the details are a bit dull and the exposure is not always correct. It offers the option to take pictures at full 48-megapixel resolution, allowing you to take fairly good shots, but it is useless to expect better details when cropping a part of the photo.


However the depth of field works well and the Narzo 20 also locks focus faster. There is a portrait mode, which instantly recognizes the subject's edge, but you cannot set the blur effect before or after taking a shot. As we were expecting, the quality of the pictures taken with the ultra-wide camera was very poor and there was considerable distortion.


At night, Narzo 20 works well. There is a lack of noise (details) and details in the pictures and the colors of the shots are quite pale. There is a night mode, which actually makes quite a difference. Bright areas are not over-exposed and colors are good too, but that doesn't mean the shots clearly come out better all the time. You compromise details.


A low-resolution macro camera can entertain you, but we can't say good shots. The color is set to fade with lack of details and sharpness.


The 8-megapixel front camera works quite well during the day, but is not very effective at night. Beautification is on by default. There is also a portrait mode, which accurately detects my face, but adds artificial blur to the background. Video recorded in 1080p, whether in daytime or at night, is unstable and details cannot be called spectacular. You can use a wide-angle camera, but you cannot switch between the two while recording video.


Realme has further complicated its product lineup with the release of Narzo 20. This phone easily outperforms Realme C15. Although the C15 starts at a low price, the Narzo 20 is actually less expensive when you look at its specifications. The Narzo 20 has a better processor and overall performance is clearly better. It also has a Type-C port and arguably more useful cameras.

According to Realme, the Narzo series prioritizes performance and gaming, while the C-series models offer larger screens and larger batteries, and the numbered series focuses on premium features with style, camera and quality. This makes sense on paper, but there is really nothing in the C1x series model that the Narzo 20 cannot. The company could have made any one series thinner and lighter with a smaller battery, but this is not the case.

Therefore Narzo 20 makes better and safer options for mentoring than its other brothers. It is a very strong offering in its segment. It is a good phone at a price higher than Rs 10,000, which also offers great battery life and good gaming experience.


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