My WhatsApp is banned, how to fix?

Open your restricted WhatsApp account with the simple and reliable solution listed in the post below. Unlock temporary or permanent restrictions with underlined suggestions.

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service and is one of the most downloaded apps on Android and iOS devices. Many connected versions of WhatsApp developed due to the Mammoth user base of WhatsApp. This mod version of WhatsApp has features that are lacking in Facebook’s traditional WhatsApp. Additional features introduced by modified versions of WA made it a very popular alternative to traditional apps. The Contacted version acts as a normal WA so that you can send a message to any number, ie you do not have to worry about whether the person you are sending the message to has the mod version of WhatsApp.

Though the capabilities offered by using mod variations of WA are very appealing and powerful. But there’s an enormous drawback. The modified variations of WhatsApp break the Terms of Services (ToS) which finishes up in being banned from using the messaging service. The ban could also be either brief or permanent counting on the extent of the coverage violation.

Risks associated with the use of moderated WhatsApp

The forked versions of WhatsApp aren’t safe to use albeit they’ll promise you to supply some great features which aren’t available in traditional WA from the first developer. The Apps like WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp or for any instance the other modified versions of WA may hinder your privacy because the messages aren’t served from the authentic servers just like the one which is hosted by WhatsApp LLC. from Facebook.

Risk 1. consistent with online security researchers, the modified versions of WhatsApp are more susceptible to inject Malware and Spyware thanks to less secure hosted servers. they’re more susceptible to cause damage to users data.

Risk 2. The mod versions of WhatsApp aren’t encrypted and thus whatever messages you send could also be read by a third person.

It is considerably dangerous to send any confidential info like Banking credentials, Passwords or the other personal detail which can put your privacy in danger .

Risk 3. Using WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp isn’t illegal but it’s against WhatsApps policies. this might trigger the corporate to place a permanent ban on your WA usage.

Risk 4. These apps invite permissions which are generally unnecessary for working of the app. The modded apps thus could harness users personal info which might be dangerous if your phone is employed for any business purpose.

Risk 5. it’s against the policies of WA and you’ll safe legal litigations.

Why is my WhatsApp banned?

There could also be variety of reasons for an account to urge barred from using WhatsApp. Here are a couple of potential reasons for getting banned.

  • Using modified versions of WhatsApp
  • Doing Spam on WhatsApp (Sending Bulk Messages)
  • Getting reported
  • Dealing in children exploitation
  • Selling illegal products or services
  • Sending malware or virus files
  • Impersonating other users
  • Spreading fake news
  • Spreading hatred, gore, racial comments etc
  • There might be any of the reason/s listed above for a user to urge barred from WA and therefore the commonest among the above is using the mod versions of WhatsApp. There are two sorts of ban imposed by WhatsApp.

1. Temporary Ban

A temporary ban could last anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days. this sort of ban is usually imposed to warn users to guage their mistakes. This ban is imposed if you employ mods, send bulk messages, getting blocked, creating groups with unknown contacts and other general mistakes which might be corrected.

2. Permanent Ban

This is more of an extended term restriction imposed by WA. this is often not a simple ban to get over . A permanent ban is usually imposed if you’re using mod WA even after variety of temporary bans, sending explicit messages, spreading fake news, sharing child exploitation messages services.

Note: The unlocking process might not work 100% especially just in case of a permanent ban. WhatsApp may have a solid reason to stay your ban lifelong.

How to remove ban on whatsapp

Here are methods to unlock yourself supported the rationale for the ban.

Temporary Ban thanks to Mod WhatsApp

If you’re banned temporarily for using modified WA like WA Plus, GBWhatsApp or etc. you only got to follow the straightforward steps.

  • Firstly, uninstall the modded WhatsApp. (You also can take the backup of the chat)
  • Now open the App Store and download the WhatsApp.
  • Register together with your mobile number. (With the one which is banned)
  • You will still notice the temporary ban is present but the timer is consistently decreasing. Once the time is over the WhatsApp is back to normal.
  • Note: Without switching to original WhatsApp you can’t uplift the Temporary Ban because the timer won’t start.

Banned for sending Bulk Messages or Doing Spam

If you’re banned because you’ve got sent an outsized number of messages than an easy mail could solve the difficulty .

  1. When you open the WhatsApp, you’ll see a message box with options, there click support.
  2. Now you’ll be redirected to the WhatsApp support page.
  1. Here you’ll find variety of options just click the last one “You question isn’t mentioned here”
  2. You see a mail compose page.
  3. Write a mail saying that “I didn’t know the ToS also the amount is new my Contacts. But I sent the messages only to the known people. I request you to please unban me”. you’ll also try the other message supported your convenience.

Wait for 48 hours till then don’t register your number on WhatsApp. After 48 hours try registering, there are good chances that your WhatsApp could also be unlocked.

3. Banned for a few Basic Reasons

If you’re locked for reasons like sending fake news, sharing unauthorised files, getting reported etc. There are chances that you simply could also be unlocked given the extent of violation you’ve got . Send a mail to WhatsApp Support team stating that you simply weren’t conscious of the error you were making and therefore the violating the WA policies. Also, apologise to the WhatsApp for the error you’ll regain access to your WhatsApp account.

4. Permanently Banned

If you’re banned for selling illegal stuff, child exploitation, sharing gore or explicit content, using hate speech, racial content, sending message to unknown people, future use of mod WhatsApp or something which WhatsApp team feels is beyond basic human innocence than it’s considerably difficult to regain access to your WhatsApp account.

The only pis aller is to send a message to WhatsApp to prove that you simply are innocent. And if you see a message “Your number is not any longer enabled to use our service”. Then it’s practically impossible to unlock the amount .

Note: If your WA is banned it means the number can’t be used for WhatsApp services. But you can register any other number on the WhatsApp and continue using the service.

You can contact the WA Support based on the device you are using the service.

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Conclusion: Don’t be a victim to online services that claim to unlock your WhatsApp. There is no agency or online tool that can open restricted WhatsApp. It is better to wait in case of temporary ban and send a mail in case of long term ban. I hope the post was helpful. Comment below for any help or support.

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