Make $100 Per Day From Google With This 1 Trick

So, in this Article, I’m going to show you how
to make $100 a day using one weird trick

with Google. I’m going to show you how you
can do it fast easy so you can get money

sent either by check or by wire transfer
to you within a week. Let’s get it. The

future of making money is not in
commission only sales. It is in marketing.

And I’m going to be showing you on my
computer real quick how you can use… This

is a really basic trick. This is
something I used for years to make money

online with Google. You don’t have to
spend a dime to do this and to earn

commission’s by selling products online.
So, the first thing that we’re going to do

to make money is you want to sign up
with what’s called an affiliate Network,

okay? And there are plenty of affiliate
networks around the world. But I’m going to

show you one of the easiest ones to sign
up for that will approve you literally

today. Unless you’re from Nigeria or
Bangladesh. They don’t work with

Nigerians or Bangladeshis. Sorry. You can
sign up for JVzoo. Everyone that’s not

from Nigeria or Bangladesh, you want to
sign up with Clickbank, okay? And they

will get you approved literally same day
today so you can start earning money

with them. the way it works,
there’s… They’ll give you links which

I’ll be showing you how to get the links
and how to post them on sites that will

earn you commissions in just a second
here. But the way you will get paid is

they will pay you a check to your
address. They will send that check to

your address within a week or they will
actually do a direct deposit, a wire

transfer to your bank account to get you
the money that you’ve earned by selling

products. Okay. So let’s see here. So, sign up.
What you want to do is create an account.

So, you’ll just click here and you will
create an account with Clickbank. And

sign up with them. and they’ll give you
what’s called a nickname. Okay? Good old

Idaho boys. Giving you a nickname. And
then once you’re logged in, you will

over to the marketplace. Okay? So, you can
click here to go over to the marketplace

once you were signed in. And you will be
taken to a page that looks like this.

Now, all you will do is click this button.
The search button and then you will see

thousands of products. Let’s see this.

products to be exact which you can
sell. Which you can get links to sell

online and you will earn commissions for.
You know, this is called the flat belly

fix and you can earn $38.76 from this

product. Now, there’s a few other things
you can do when you get more advanced.

We’re going to go over the simple trick
but there’s rebuilds. So you can earn

recurring income you can sort products
by recurring income, okay? Right here. if

you want to earn recurring income. And
you can also sort products that will pay

you a large amount of money. So, you can…
Right here, you can find products that

will pay you a lot of money. Now, one
thing you’ll see is that my product

right here –the super affiliate system is
currently the highest payout product on

Clickbank and perhaps the Internet. You
can earn $500.21

from one sale. And you earn
recurring income estimated $400

over time. But we’re not going to
be using my product. This takes more

advanced marketing techniques to market.
What we’re going to be doing is we’re

going to be marketing a product everyone
loves that’s the most popular product on

their platform. The Flat Belly Fix. Now, to
get your link, you’ll click right here.

“Promote.” And you will be brought up with
this page which says, “Enter in your

account nickname.” Now, at this point, you
should have signed up and you should

have a nickname to put in your account.
That’s my account nickname. And you will

click this button generate hop links. Now,
you highlight the hop link then you

click copy, okay? Or you can just click
this button and it will copy the hop

link to your computer or something, okay?
And then we’re going to move on. So, I have

the link on my computer. First we’re
going to go to bitly. And we’re going to

put in our link here and
we’re going to shorten the link. Because

that link is big and ugly and people
won’t want to click on big ugly links. So,

I just shortened the link using a site
called bitly, okay? You can type that in.

Its bitly. And we shortened the link and
i’m just going to click copy to copy the

link right there.
Copy. Boom! So, let’s move on to the next

step. Now we’re going to go onto Google. And
go onto Google, we want to find vlogs,

okay? So, we want to find particularly
weight loss vlogs. And we’re going to

find places to post our link on. Again,
we’re selling a weight loss product so

we want to post it on weight loss blogs
because they’re people looking to lose

weight. Kind of obvious, right? But for
many people, they haven’t marketed on the

internet before. So, we’re going to go over
these weight loss blogs. And we’re going to

find a blog to post on, okay? Because what
we’re going to do is we’re gonna post in

the comments. So, we come down here and we
see a ton of blogs, life by daily burn.

PopSugar fitness. The healthy foodie. Tons
of blogs we can choose from exercise

library. But i’m going to choose this one –A
Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss because

it literally says weight loss. You know?
It literally says weight loss in the

title. So we’re going to do that because it
just seems like the best fit, right? So,

we’re going to click there. We’re going to go
over here to a Black Girl’s Guide To

Weight Loss. Boom! We’re on the blog. Now,
let’s check this out.

So, we have a bunch of pictures of black
women that are losing weight, it looks

like here. But let’s click on the first
blog which says no chubby manic wins

aren’t selling a dangerous lie but
shitty writers certainly are. Whatever

that is. Okay. So, we click on this and
there’s an article. Boom! Now, we scroll

down the article. And we’re not
interested in reading this. We’re

interested in posting in the comments
area. To post in the comments area, we’re

going to put our link. We don’t want to just
post our link there, right? Because people

have no context for the link. So, what I’m
gonna do is I’m actually gonna write

something. So I’ll say something like
here’s a great way I found

to lose weight. Okay? You know, I’m going to
say, thank you for the article. You are an

inspiration to us all.
Here’s a great way I found to lose

weight. I hope it helps some others.
Now, we wrote our article. We put our link

in. And what we’re going to do is we’re
going to click post, okay? So, I’m going to post

just John. Boom! There we go.
I can already smell the money. Let’s do

it. Now, it’s that easy to start making
money online. You got your link out there.

You got it on a weight-loss blog. You’re
selling a weight-loss product that’s

gonna help people lose weight. We already
posted it. Took us 5 minutes. Now, let

me show you how you can set up a
systematic way to really get you

$100 a day. Now, you only need
three people to buy that product to

start making a hundred dollars a day. But
let me show you how you can do this. You

can replicate this and post this
hundreds of thousands of places

depending on how much time you have. And
you can get to this number real easy by

getting more people to see your links.
Let me show you this real quick. And if

you’re getting value from this, if this
seems really easy it’s because it is.

And make sure you hit that subscribe

Slam that subscribe button if you’re
looking to learn more and see more of my

videos on how to make money online. I
have free mini courses on affiliate

marketing. As you see by the amount of
money on my table, I’ve done very well

with affiliate marketing because I’ve
been able to use scale and leverage to

leverage these really easy ways of
getting affiliate links out there to do

very well for myself. And I don’t have
any employees. So, let’s check out. lLt me

show you how to systemize this and make
big money and get to that

$100 a day fast. Let’s see my computer.
So now, we’re going to go back to Google and

we’re going to type in the search bar. We’re
going to type in Google Alerts,

okay? So, now we’re on Google Alerts and
we’re going to actually create alert

about weight loss.
Okay? Boom! Okay, so next we’re gonna

actually click show options right here. I
don’t want to be getting emails every

day. I mean maybe you do if you’re doing
this for a living. But or depending on

how much time… But let’s say, once a week.
Okay? You want an alert of when you want

to see… When new blogs. So, you only want
to see blogs. And you want

to see them in English. And let’s just
say you want to see them in the United

States, okay? And say, “Only the best
results.” Let’s say all results. This way

you’ll get an alert once a week of all
of the blogs that have new entry. Boom!

Now, you’ve created an alert so you can
see all of the new weight-loss article.

All the new articles on weight loss
related blogs in English that have come

out this week. And that’ll be a great way
for you to utilize this trick and just

go on in post and just say something
along the lines of what I already posted

which is, “Oh, thank you for the content.
Inspirational. Here’s a product that

helped you know many others you know,
lose weight and it’s really interesting.”

Or whatever you want to phrase it as. You
can make a lot of money doing this. It’s

very easy. The power of marketing is in
the fact that the Internet serves

billions of people around the globe. You
have access to something like 7

billion people when you are using the
Internet. And the fact of the matter is

most people who watch this video, less
than 1% will do anything at all. Now, keep

that in mind. Because my responsibility
to you as a teacher is to tell you

you’re not going to make any money. Sitting
back there if you just watch this video

on your phone and you scroll to next. The
only way you will make money is if you

actually do some work. Get off your phone
and get on your laptop and actually put

this into action. Because the money, the
big money gets made on your computer. Not

on your phone. If you’re hanging out on
your phone, you can make some pennies. But

this is a way that you can make $100 a day with a simple and

easy trick from Google. Check it out. I
hope this video helped you out. Let me

know if you are
in. If you are in. If you are all in to

make this happen and get this $100 a day, type in, “All in” in the

comments area and give this video a big
like. Subscribe to my channel. But I want

to see “All in” in the comments area. If
you’re going to try this out, you don’t have

to use weight loss. There’s 4000 other
products you can do this with. There are

hundreds of niches and you can make some
big money just going around, doing this

taking action. Not watching this video
anymore and just taking action. But

before you do that, before you click off
this video, type in “All in” in the

comments because I’d love to see some of
you make some serious money doing this.

And if you’re skeptical, just type in “Did
anybody make money doing this?” Because

you’re probably not going to be doing
anything and you won’t be making money.

But my people who were all-in will be. So,
looking forward to seeing you guys. Make

some cash. Subscribe to my Blog and
seeing you on future videos. Let’s get it.

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