How to start blogging

I have been watching for a few days now that the craze of blogging in people is increasing very fast, it has been seen that most of the people who remain students take out their pocket money. If you blogging well, you can earn a lot. In this post how do we start blogging today? And some important ways to do blogging will show how you can create your own blog.

How long does it take to create a blog?

If you are thinking that a web developer will be needed to create a blog and it will take a lot of time to make it, it requires a lot of coding information to create a blog, then there is nothing like that. You can create a blog yourself and you will not need any kind of programming information. If I talk about time, it will take me at most one hour to make a blog. You can also do this. It may take some time just to fill the content.

Which platform is best for blogging?

In such a time, there are many platforms available on the Internet for blogging, but there are only a few of them which are used more.

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • WordPress Self Hosted (Paid)

You can create a blog for free at the link given above. One problem in the free blog is that all these platforms also put their domain with your URL like- or etc. You will have to spend some money to get your own domain like If you want to do this, then I would ask you to take Self Hosting of WordPress because it is the best. WordPress is a very popular platform for blogging.

Why is WordPress better for blogging?

Most of the blogs around the world are made on WordPress because WordPress is slightly advanced from all other platforms. In this, you will find a lot of Themes and Plugings, in which the look and design of every Themes is so good that people come towards it. If you want any additional option of any kind, you can use plugings in your blog.

How much does it cost to create a wordpress blog?

If you are a student, your pocket money is not that much, then you can make a blog for free on Blogger or WordPress, but you will not get that much facility in it. To create a great blog, you will have to spend different places for domain registration, hosting and themes. Let us know how much it will cost. Here we will tell you step-by-step what you have to do for blogging first. You just follow our step, we will help in preparing your blog.

Register Domain

This is the first step to create your blog or website, in this you will have to take a unique address like I have taken for your website, similarly you can also get your domain address according to your own. Note that your domain should be according to your blog content, otherwise you may face some problem in SEO. For example, if you want to create a blog related to fashion, then select your domain url like For a domain you may have to spend Rs. 200 / – to 1000 / -.

If you are unable to think about the domain related to your topic, then can help you. Go here and search by entering a word from any of your topics, you will get hundreds of results, select any domain of your choice.

If you want, you can buy this domain from Godaddy, Bluehost or Bigrock. The domain will be available cheaply in the first year offer on Godaddy, in which you will also have to pay some taxes. I would ask Godaddy to register the domain itself as it is the best site for the domain.

Web Hosting

A good web hosting will be needed for a website or blog. For WordPress you can take WordPress Managed Hosting or Shared Linux Hosting. WordPress Managed Hosting is considered to be much better for WordPress as it is special for WordPress only. You will get many features in it. But it is a bit expensive. In the beginning you can take Shared Linux Hosting Hosting.

If you talk about the expenses of hosting, then in the initial days, you should consider about Rs 400-500 a month. All companies have their own different rates, in which it also adds tax. Most Hosting Provider offers a year-long plan, meaning you have to pay 1 year of money once. In which they also give you some offers. You can avail this offer with coupon code.

Hostgator’s Baby Plan and Bluehost’s Business Pack are considered to be the best for blogging. If you want good speed, backup and security, then you can take Managed Cloud Hosting of Cloudways. Hosting WordPress on Cloudways or transferring from another hosting is very easy. On this, you can get free hosting for a few days which will be your trial.

Install WordPress on Hosting with One-Click Installation

Almost all hosting providers provide one-click installation in their control panel, from where you can install any application like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla etc. in just one click. You have to install wordpress from it. Start your site by putting all the details like your Root Domain there.

After it is complete, go to for your website settings and enter your user and password and open the WordPress Dashboard. After being open, WordPress Dashboard will look something like this.

If you look at the left side of the image, then there are many options, which are given below:

Dashboard – The Dashboard is open after logging in from the Admin panel, here you will get all the information of your site in one place.
Posts – From here you can write new posts for your blog. All the old posts are also safe in it, which you can edit or delete if you want.
Media – This is the media library for your blog, where you can upload images, videos, PDFs and keep them safe.
Pages – If you want to create a page on your blog, you can create a new page from here, or you can edit or delete an old page.
Comments – You can manage all the comments that come to your blog from this, whether you approve comments or disapproved.
Appearance – From here you can change the theme, look or design of your blog.
Plugins – After setting the theme, you can install or remove any plugins accordingly.
Users – If you need someone else to manage your blog, then you can add a new editor or admin from here.
Tools – Although it does not need much, but if you have installed plugins of any tool type, then you can set it from this.
Settings – From here you can set the details of your blog.

Select Theme for Blog

When you open your website’s url for the first time, you will see the look of your blog in a simple theme. If you want, you can also change this design, there are many such free themes on WordPress, you can apply any theme of your choice.

How to set a Theme?
If you want to change the design and look of your blog with another theme, then you have to follow the steps given below-

To change the theme on WordPress, you have to click on Themes in the left-hand Appearance. As soon as you click, whatever theme is put on your blog, it will appear in front.
On the top you will see the option of Add New next to Themes, click on it and open it.

Here you will see many free themes, select any of your choice and click on install, after install, activate it. Now you have changed the theme, you can see your blog’s homepage open. Similarly, you can try changing as many themes as you want.

Know which theme is best for blogging
What are the features to see before choosing a WordPress theme?
If you have a premium theme or download and keep a free theme and want to upload it, then you should go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload Theme and select your theme’s .zip file and click on Install Now Upload it Activate it after it is installed. Now the theme will be live on the internet.

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If you are using a free theme, then you can set your blog’s Logos, Menus etc. with the Appearance -> Customize option. Whereas in the premium theme, you will get the option of a Theme Panel from where you can change a lot in your blog.

WordPress themes

If you do not like the design and layout of the free theme or want some advanced featured theme then you can take the pad theme. For a good theme, you may have to spend around $ 60 ie 3000-4000 rupees. You can also view themes according to your budget. You will find all the themes on

Friends, the design and layout of your site has been set, now you have to post content in your blog. To post new content, go to Posts -> Add New on the left side where write the title of your post on the Title textbox and publish it by writing post content in the Content Area below it. Now you start writing regular posts because more posts will make your website look good.

If you want more information related to blogging then you should remain on our website. Read all our posts regularly and share it with your friends. If you encounter any problem while blogging, you can comment us without any hesitation.

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