How To Set Your Name Caller Tune On Jio Sim

How to set your name caller tune on jio sim

For mobile phone users, caller tune is a form of entertainment. To activate the caller tune on the phone, we have to spend 30 rupees a month. But if you have a sim of Jio. So you can set the caller tune of your choice on Jio Sim, for absolutely free.

Not only this, you can set the caller tune of your name along with setting the caller tune of your choice on live sim. That is, if someone calls on your mobile. So instead of ringtone, it will hear the ringtone of your name.

So what is the time to know, how to set the caller tune of your name on Jio Sim? jio number par apne naam ki ringtone kaise lagaye? how to set name caller tune in jio?

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How to put your name Caller Tune on Jio Sim

While calling many of you people must have heard that instead of ringtone, the Caller Tune of their name is heard on the phone. Like thank you for calling Mangal ji .. Please stay on the line. They will pick up your call very soon.

In such a situation, if you also want to activate the service of free Caller Tune on your Jio SIM. So let me tell you, to activate the service of free caller tune on Jio SIM, just any unlimited pack of Jio should be on your SIM. The good thing is, the way to set your name ringtone (caller tune) on Jio Sim is very easy.

How to put your name ringtone on Jio number?

To set your name Caller Tune service on Jio SIM, all you have to do is send a message from your jio number. Let’s know step by step, what you want to send by typing in the message.

Step 1: First of all, open the message box in your phone. After that you send Album Name Tune to 56789 from your jio sim in the message box.

Step 2: As soon as the message is sent, you will get an SMS from the Jio company. In which there will be a list of many names. Now check the message whether your name has come or not.

Step 3: If you get your name in the list. So it’s a good thing, otherwise you’ll have to send the message again by typing ‘More’.

Step 4: As soon as you send the message by writing more, you will again get a list of some names. If your name does not appear in this list also. Then you will have to send and send more in the reply again.

Note: You have to keep sending till you write more. Until your name appears in the list.

Step 5: When your name appears in the list. So look carefully at how many numbers your name is showing. Suppose for example, if your name is at (96) number. So you have to send the number by writing (96) in the reply.

Step 6: After sending the number written in front of your name, a new message will come again. So you have to send 1 (1 All Callers) by writing.

Step 7: After this, a confirmation message will come from Jio. Whose reply you have to send by writing ‘Y’. So that the caller tune of your name gets activated.

Now finally the caller tune of your name on your live sim has been activated. If you want, you can call your number and check.

Hopefully, now you must have understood how to put your name Caller Tune on your live phone? If you still have any problem in setting Jio Caller Tune. So you can ask us by commenting.

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