How to become a successful blogger – 15 blogging tips 2020

It is very easy to start blogging and create a blog, you can start a blog by sowing a domain, but becoming a successful blogger is not that easy. To become a success blogger, you have to do a lot more than writing content. So let’s know how to become a success blogger? – Become A Successful Blogger in Hindi.

New bloggers who want to blogging search Google, how to make a blog, how to make money from a blog, how many days do you earn after making a blog? And so on.

And the most searched is “How to become Blogger or How to become a Successful Blogger?” That is, how to make a successful blogger who can do good earning with blogging.

To become a successful blogger, you need to work on important points, improve your writing skills, read a lot of blogs, talk to other bloggers through commenting or forums and follow the top blogging formulas.

One has to understand the advantages and disadvantages of blogging and blogging like a professional blogger. Must follow the best blogging techniques and strategies.

Let me now show you 15 ways to become a successful blogger, you can become a success blogger by following them and earn money from blogging.

Successful Blogger Banne Ki 15 Tips – Become Success Blogger

Publishing regular high-quality content posts on your blog is the most important to become a successful blogger.

Write the Best

Improve your writing skills and write better content, your content should be better than your competitor.

Be Attractive

You have to do something effective to attract visitors to your blog, so that people talk about you on social media with others.

As you are a very good blogger, your site design is the best, you write very well, your site gets unique, clear, useful and easy to understand content.

Share your knowledge

Share what you know or anything new you learn with your audience. Share your experience, skills and ideas with your reader so that they can be helped.

Become Passionate Blogger

Become a Passionate Blogger, not just a blogger. Write something that shows that blogging is your passion and you love it and you can teach readers something different.

Create your own identity so that the visitor on your site visits for a region and becomes your regular reader.

Be Matchless

If you are like all other bloggers (your competitors), then who will like your blog? That’s why a brand
 Build your blog as

Write better than the rest of the blogger, even if you have a topic, do not always write SEO for your readers.

Provide Unique Content

To prove yourself and to get in the top, you have to write the best content from the best and prove that you can learn better than the rest.

Always have to share unique content, avoid writing stupid posts so that every user wants to read your content.

Be Helpful

Along with sharing good content, you do not have to help your readers solve their problems. Helping bloggers are written by the most users.

For this, you can enable a comment on your blog or you can run any of your community forums.

Good Design

1000ro themes and templates are available on the internet, you have to have one of the best design themes, which work in desktop as well as mobile devices.

Even better, you can do custom design to create your own brand, for this you can hire a developer.


Not only for SEO but you have to optimize your site for readers. Your site should be open in all the devices and SEO settings should be complete.


Make a fix time table to share the post on the blog and publish the post at regular fix time. For this you can use the post Sachanduling.

For example, you cannot live online daily, so for this we can set the schedule on the future time, this will automatically publish the post.

Do Guest Post

Guest posting is the best way to increase the search rank of your blog and create backlinks. Make guest posts on blogs and websites related to the content of your blog and create dofollow backlinks.

This not only gives your blog the top rank, but also promotes you blog, the audience of the blog on which you will guest post get to know about your blog.

Learn from your mistakes (Learn from Mistakes)

Everyone has a mistax, you can also. Mistaking in blogging can spread you, so do not do regular mistsake.

Learn from your mistakes and then do not repeat that mistake again. This will increase the trust for you in your visitors.

Learn from Seniors

Focus on the important and top bloggers and read blogs of big bloggers, learn from success bloggers beforehand and know how they have become successful.

We can learn a lot from seniors, ask and avoid doing mistakes.

Be Motivate

It is important for me not to lose, but to keep yourself a fatweight. This is required when you do not get good results according to your work.

Be Patient

Success in blogging is not a one-day process, it takes time. You have to do regular work and be patient.

It takes a few months time, the rest depends on your work and your luck, how soon you join the list of success bloggers.


To be successful in blogging, you have to make good habits and blogging only then you can become a success blogger. When you work properly, your work will reach you on your own destination.

Write to your readers and work by keeping yourself motive, here I am giving links to some articles that will help you.

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