Hindi vs Hinglish Which language is right for starting blogging

Today, the number of Hindi bloggers on the Internet is increasing rapidly and thousands of new bloggers are creating their own blogs every day, so it is natural to be asked this question to start blogging in any language of Hindi vs Hinglish.

The question is often asked by the new blogger that I want to start blogging but in any language do I start writing in Hindi or write in Hinglish! Finally choose a language in Hindi vs Hinglish.

This is a question as well as a problem because everyone wants to earn money from blogging so it is very important to know that blogging Hindi vs Hinglish should start in a language which we can get success in the field of blogging.

Here it is very important for you to know that no information has been provided by Google about which language is the best in Hindi vs Hinglish but which language is the best for blogging in Hindi vs Hinglish, it can be detected. is.

So, if you are confused about Hindi vs Hinglish language and you cannot understand in which language Hindi vs Hinglish start blogging, then you should read this article completely.

Because today we are going to analyze it with complete information and we will also share our many years of experience with you so that after reading this article, you will try to get answers to all the questions.

What and how to write Hindi vs Hinglish language

First of all it is very important for us to know what is the Hindi language and what are the Hinglish languages ​​and what are the differences between Hindi vs Hinglish so that it can be analyzed in detail.

Hindi language

Hindi is the most spoken language in India and Hindi is written in Devanagari script as well as it is constitutionally recognized state language in India.

Hindi language example

“To make blogging in both Hindi and Hinglish languages, we should use a language that we can succeed in blogging”

Hinglish Language

It is made from both Hindi language and English language and often it is used for chatting on messages and social media.

Hinglish language example

“Hindi vs Hinglish dono bhashao me se blogging karne ke liye kisi bhasha ka istemal karna chahiye jise hm blogging me safalta prapt kar ske”

In this way, some people write in Hindi and some people write in Hinglish, thus you can understand both these languages, how language is written and how it is written as well as how important a language is considered.

In which language do blogging in Hindi vs Hinglish

In Hindi vs Hinglish, which language is better for blogging, for this it is very important to know that people, ie readers, like to read a language, if you find it out then it will be very easy.

Because all the updates Google search engine brings are based on what its user likes and what not and also how he can provide great experience to his user.

Because the greater the user’s experience, the more excited he will be to use Google, which will also increase Google’s income and increase the number of users using Google and become the most used search engine in the world. Will remain

You can guess that Google had started accepting Google Adsense for Hindi content in 2014 when Google found out that people search on Google in Hindi language and prefer to read in Hindi.

Therefore, for the strong information about which language in Hindi vs Hinglish is better for blogging, you will read keeping in mind the Google search engine and the user, only then you can find it correctly.

Hindi vs Hinglish Best language For Blogging

It is true that when Google Adsense Approved for Hindi content was started by Google in 2014, then Hinglish Blog was spoken in comparison to Hindi blog.

But today this situation is totally different because today India’s best Hindi bloggers earn millions of rupees, they blogging in Hindi and are growing very fast, while the traffic of Hinglish Blog has decreased a lot.

The main reason for this is that people prefer to read pure Hindi from Hindi vs Hinglish, that is why today you get to see blogs writing Hindi at the top of Google search engine.

For example, we write you a few lines in both languages ​​and you have to read them and tell them that you can read a language easily and quickly as well as understand it deeply and then you will start getting answers to your questions.

“In both Hindi and Hinglish languages, which is the best language for blogging that we can succeed in blogging”

“Hindi vs Hinglish dono bhashao me se blogging ke liye savshrest bhasha kon si hai jise hm blogging me safalta prapt kar ske”

Certainly we like to read Hindi language because we have been reading this language since childhood, so everyone is very good at it, whether they are chatting on social media in Hinglish, but Hindi to read a book and article Loves the language itself.

Why Hindi language is better for blogging

  1. People like to read in pure Hindi and understand things well.
  2. Once the readers start reading the article due to their involvement with Hindi, they read it completely, which gives good signals to Google and the article starts to rank in Google.
  3. Now Google has also started liking Hindi content, so it automatically changes the title of Hinglish blog to Hindi automatically.
  4. People get connected easily with Hindi blogging and they come to your blog again and again, which increases your value in the eyes of Google.
  5. Write articles in Hindi, readers are able to understand it easily and if there are some questions, they also comment on the blog, which increases the value of your blog.
  6. For the past few years, it has been seen that there has been an increase in the traffic of Hindi blog in Hindi vs Hinglish whereas the traffic of Hinglish Blog has been decreasing day by day.
  7. The best language for blogging is Hindi, you can also guess that people who used to blog in Hinglish earlier today have also started blogging in Hindi.
  8. The truth is also that now readers read Hinglish blog only when they do not get information in Hindi.

Overall, the future of Hindi language is quite golden while Hinglish language is only for social media because the search engine Hindi vs Hinglish gives more importance to Hindi language in both the languages, so if you want to blogging for the people of India, then you Hindi language should be chosen from Hindi vs Hinglish.

Why Hinglish Language is used

Many bloggers blogging in Hinglish language, there are many reasons behind this, due to which they prefer blogging in Hinglish Language as compared to Hindi Language.

  1. In Hinglish language, Keyword can be used easily while in Hindi language it is a bit difficult.
  2. LongTail keyword can also be used easily in Hinglish language.
  3. Hinglish language is used on social media so it is very much liked
  4. Typing in Hinglish language is easy, so bloggers who cannot write in Hindi have to use Hinglish.
  5. Writing Hinglish Language makes SEO Article Writing easier
  6. Every word in Hinglish Language acts as a keyword like English Language
  7. Hinglish Language is preferred in English speaking states of India.

So overall Hinglish language is used only for Google i.e. search engine and the biggest reason for using Hinglish language is that they are unable to type in Hindi and Hindi typing is easier than Hinglish typing. .

Whereas the truth is that the blog which is in Hindi is moving at a good pace because it follows the basic principles of Google, therefore only Hindi blog is also given good ranking by Google.

What are our views in Hindi vs Hinglish

Our opinion is that you should use Hindi language for blogging in the present time because its future is going to be very bright in future and till now only 1% Hindi content is available on internet.

Since many people believe that it is difficult to do SEO and write articles in Hindi language, you should also use English word while writing articles in Hindi, people who understand easily, which you can use keywords easily. .

And by using Google indic Keyborad App to write an article, you can write an article in Hindi very easily in your mobile and let us tell you that this article has also been written like this.

Now, if you have found the solution to both the problems, then you can start blogging in Hindi language, because in India Best Hindi Blog List, you will get to see the same blogs which use Hindi language.

The biggest advantage of writing in Hindi language is that you are also contributing in spreading your mother tongue: on the Internet and you can also earn money sitting at home from the Internet.

So friends, we hope that you have now understood which language in Hindi vs Hinglish is better for starting blogging, if you like our article, then share it with your friends who want to start blogging. And if you have any suggestion or question, then do tell us in the comment box.

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