Dj Vikkrant – All Bhojpuri Dj Songs

Friends, you do not need to find this flp in different places on the internet, for all of you, I have put all this feature in one place on a blur and it is a lot of discussion on the name of the brother whose name is named as Disc Jockey Vikrant. Known and discusses brother’s beat in Allahabad as well as many other big houses.

Dj Vikkrant Bhojpuri Song

  1. Pagal Banaibe Ka Re PatarkiKhesari Lal 2019 Bhojpuri Dance Remix Song Dj Vikkrant PrayagRaj
  2. Tor Dono IndicatorAwdesh Premi – Bhojpuri Hot Dj Dacne Mix Song Dh19 Dj Vikkrant PrayagRaj
  3. Tukuli Satle BaniDj Vikkrant PrayagRaj Latest – Bhojpuri Dj Song
  4. Devar Kari Ghat A RajaKhesari Lal – Super Hit Song 2019 – Dj Vikkrant PrayagRaj
  5. Lalaki Odhaniya Chatkar – Dj Vikkrant PrayagRaj
  6. Gori Tor Chunari Ba Lal Re – Dj Vikkrant PrayagRaj
  7. Balam Ludhiyana Se Aa Jana – Dj Vikkrant Allahabad
  8. 18 Ki Ho Gayi Age Tumhari Baja Kab Bajwaogi – Dj Vikkrant PrayagRaj
  9. Chips Khiya Ke Lips Pe Chumma – Dj Vikkrant PrayagRaj
  10. Pandey Ji Ka Beta Hoon – Dj Vikrant Allahabad
  11. Palangiya A Piya Sone Na Diya – Dj Vikkrant PrayagRaj
  12. Sej Wala Age Bhail – (Bhojpuri Dj Remix Song 2019) – Dj Vikkrant Allahabad
  13. Lalaiya Chusa Ae Raja Ji – (Bhojpuri Dj Remix Song 2019) – Dj Vikkrant Allahabad
  14. Kamar Khesariya Jas Hilaubu – (Bhojpuri Dj Remix Song 2019) Dj Vikkrant Allahabad
  15. Tempo Se Jali Dj Song – Khesari Lal Yadav – Dj Vikkrant PrayagRaj
  16. Jawani Mor Jarata – (Bhojpuri Dj Remix Song 2019) Dj Vikkrant Allahabad
  17. Gamcha Bichai Ke – (Bhojpuri Dj Remix Song 2019) Dj Vikkrant Allahabad
  18. Hothlali Se Roti Bor Ke – Dj Vikkrant PrayagRaj
  19. Chalkata Hamaro Jawaniya – Dj Vikkrant PrayagRaj
  20. Karua tel – Dj Vikkrant PrayagRaj

Dj Vikkrant New Bhojpuri Song

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Dj Vikkrant Bhojpuri Song
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