YouTube app on your TV will now auto generate key moments from any video

YouTube app on your TV will now auto generate key moments from any video



If you spend as much time as I do watching YouTube videos, and your television is one of the devices you happen to watch them on, you’ll be glad to know that your experience is about to get better. No more fumbling with that TV remote trying to find the exact moment in the video where that iconic line, or that cinematic shot, was shown. YouTube is now incorporating key moments on its TV app that will work similar to chapter marks on a DVD, only better.

YouTube’s CEO, Neal Mohan, recently announced a cool new feature: auto-generated key moments. What that means is that there will no longer be a need to scrub through videos hoping to land on the good stuff. Now you can instantly jump to the most exciting, important, or hilarious parts.

When watching YouTube on your TV, you will be able to open the video progress bar and little white markers will appear. Those are the “key moments” that YouTube is pointing out for you. You can then use your remote’s arrow keys to quickly skip between them, and YouTube will even show a little thumbnail and description. Hopefully this means that you’ll no longer have to sit through rambling intros or less interesting sections.

This is reminiscent of the “chapters” that many YouTube creators already use and manually add to their videos, except that this feature automates the process and fills the gap when creators don’t have time to do it themselves. It also follows another YouTube feature currently being tested where double tapping to skip ahead in a video takes you to the most exciting parts of the video instead, according to user data. This latter, however, is a YouTube Premium-exclusive experiment.

This update shows YouTube is paying attention to how people actually use its service. Watching hours-long videos on your TV takes dedication. This feature shows that YouTube wants to make that experience smoother, helping viewers find the content they’re most excited about without the hassle.


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