You can now save 33% on the incredible Google Pixel 7 through this hot Amazon deal

You can now save 33% on the incredible Google Pixel 7 through this hot Amazon deal



Don’t feel like the Pixel 7a simply isn’t good enough for you despite its fantastic discount on Amazon? Well, Lady Luck is on your side, for the Pixel 7 is also available at prices that can cheer you up! Right now, you can get this Google phone at $199 off on Amazon, which lands it just under the $400 mark!So, for just $20 on top of what Amazon asks for the Pixel 7a, you can get the slightly more premium Google handset that stands out with a slightly bigger display, faster wireless charging speeds, and better video quality. Who would want to miss that?

There’s just one important clarification we have to make. The Amazon offer on the Pixel 7 only applies to the model in Snow. If that’s an issue for you, you may want to shift your attention to Walmart, where you can find the other two paintjobs at lower prices.

This ongoing Pixel 7 deal lands the Android phone at some of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen. Indeed, it’s not every other day that you can save $199 on such a great and compact phone. And, oh, what a phone it really is!

This bad boy features a fantastic 6.3-inch OLED screen with 60-90Hz refresh rates. With spot-on color saturation and even customizations available, this compact Android phone doesn’t disappoint in the display department.

Similarly to Google’s budget-friendly option, this device has a Tensor G2 chipset. Note that even though both phones have the same chipset (and RAM + storage) inside, the Pixel 7 is the decidedly better option for gaming. So, if you’re into playing games on your phone, the Pixel 7a isn’t for you, even though it’s about $20 cheaper than the non-Pro model.

In a typical Pixel fashion, you also have a fantastic camera setup for all your phone photography obsessions. Finally, this compact puppy has a decent battery life and faster charging speeds than the Pixel 7a.

So, if you’re wondering whether the Pixel 7 is worth it over the 7a – it is. This device has an incredible camera with plenty of smarts, faster charging speeds, a slightly bigger display, and faster charging speeds. All of that you get by paying just $20 more than what you would cough up for the budget-friendly model.


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