Yet another depressing Galaxy Z Fold 6 rumor calls for unchanged cameras across the board

Yet another depressing Galaxy Z Fold 6 rumor calls for unchanged cameras across the board


Are you excited to see the Galaxy Z Fold 6 in action in three or four months? If yes, you’ve probably not followed the rumor mill very closely these past few weeks. 

Although it’s definitely still too early to know exactly what Samsung is planning for its next “standard” book-style foldable, virtually all signs so far are pointing in the direction of a modest set of upgrades over last year’s Z Fold 5.
Assuming everything we’ve recently heard is legit, the Z Fold 6 will come with roughly the same screen sizes as its predecessor, as well as a completely unchanged battery with a pretty embarrassing charging speed cap, and alas, no big camera hardware improvements either.

No changes on the back, front, or under the display

Instead of going up to 200 or at least 100 megapixels, this bad boy’s primary shooter is now expected, nay, all but guaranteed to retain the 50MP count of the Galaxy Z Fold 5. What’s perhaps more disappointing to hear is that the secondary 10MP telephoto and tertiary 12MP ultra-wide-angle sensors are also likely to go unchanged.
And then you have a 10MP cover camera and 4MP screen-embedded lens on the Z Fold 5 that, you’ve guessed it, are expected to stay the same for this year’s Z Fold 6. Of course, the sensors themselves could well be upgraded without their megapixel counts going up, and knowing Samsung, some new software magic is also coming to improve real-life photography in many subtle but important ways.
That being said, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is certainly not the world’s best cameraphone, and if this new rumor proves trustworthy, the same will probably be true for the Galaxy Z Fold 6. What’s worse for Samsung is that other companies (like Huawei or Vivo) are absolutely stepping up their photography efforts in the foldable space, which brings us to the oft-rumored but still super-secretive Z Fold 6 Ultra.

Don’t despair just yet!

Yes, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra is very much in the cards, and although Ice Universe still doesn’t have any information to share about that state-of-the-art model, we remain hopeful its strengths over the Z Fold 6 and Z Fold 5 will be many and significant.

Those should include a built-in S Pen, larger battery, larger displays, and perhaps even higher-resolution cameras. Can we expect the Z Fold 6 Ultra to rock the same 200 + 10 + 50 + 12MP quad rear-facing camera setup as the Galaxy S24 Ultra? Why not?

After all, dreams are cheap, which is definitely not what we’ll say about this top-of-the-line foldable if all our wishes come true. Can you imagine how much a Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra could cost? Let’s not even go there for the time being and focus primarily on what we “know” the non-Ultra Z Fold 6 will bring to the table.


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