Would you switch your smartwatch for a smart ring?

Would you switch your smartwatch for a smart ring?


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Almost a decade after the original Apple Watch made the smartwatch concept mainstream, these devices seem to have followed the path of the smartphone. Every year, we see new models that bring incremental improvements and don’t seem to solve some of the most annoying issues that have plagued smartwatches for years. As a result, it feels like it’s high time for a shake-up of the smart accessories world. As often happened in the past, Samsung is taking the lead among mainstream brands by introducing the Galaxy Ring

The common idea of all the existing and rumored smart rings is to help users stay healthy. Samsung’s ring will be an integral part of its Samsung Health ecosystem. It will track various health metrics and provide insights like My Vitality Score, based on sleep, activity and heart measurements. It should also be able to connect to other devices and provide contactless payments. All things current smartwatches can do, but brought in a new, fresh form factor.

This new form factor is the main selling point of the Galaxy Ring and all the other smart rings. It will be welcomed by people who can’t sleep with a bulky watch but want to monitor their sleeping patterns. The ones who despise the too-gadgety or the trying-too-hard-to-look-classic designs of modern smartwatches could also like a discreet ring.

Both people new to the smart accessories market and the ones who are sick of their watches could try a smart ring. Are you one of those people, or would you rather skip such a purchase? Vote in the poll and share your opinion in the comments.


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