WhatsApp’s locked chats set to sync across all your linked devices

WhatsApp’s locked chats set to sync across all your linked devices


Towards the end of last year, WhatsApp dropped a neat little update that beefed up its privacy and security game: a secret code to lock down chats. This nifty tweak aimed to give users an added layer of privacy by hiding locked chats from plain sight and requiring a personal code for access. But for now, it is only available on primary devices. However, that might change soon.According to the go-to source for WhatsApp updates, WABetaInfo, the latest WhatsApp beta for Android update on the Google Play Store reveals something interesting: WhatsApp is cooking up a locked chats feature for linked devices.

If you check out the attached screenshot, you will see that WhatsApp explores the idea of locked chats support for linked devices in a future app update. To unlock these chats on a linked device, users will need to set up a secret code.

This code can be set up on the primary phone under chat lock settings by choosing the secret code option. Once set up, locked chats vanish from the chats list and can only be accessed via this privacy feature on linked devices.

Introducing this feature for linked devices is a win for both privacy and user convenience. It ensures that locked chats stay synced across all devices, letting users easily access their protected conversations from anywhere without worrying about prying eyes.

Currently, locked chats are stuck on the primary device, potentially exposing conversations on linked devices – a privacy no-no. The locked chats feature for linked devices is in the works and will roll out in a future update.

In other WhatsApp news, the messaging app also started rolling out a new bottom navigation bar for smoother use and is testing a fresh look for its calling screen, making it easier to hang up. Keep an eye out for updates!


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