WhatsApp rolling out new bottom navigation bar for comfy use

WhatsApp rolling out new bottom navigation bar for comfy use



Arguably world’s most popular messaging app, WhatsApp is always improving its apps to provide users with the best chat experience possible. That’s why we’re expecting new features and improvements every time WhatsApp rolls out an update.

The latest version of WhatsApp is no exception and while it doesn’t bring any revolutionary changes, the slight redesign will surely make it easier to access many of the app’s functions.

WhatsApp recently confirmed on Twitter that its mobile app now features a new navigation bar. First off, the navbar has been moved from the top of the app to the bottom. Secondly, it now features one additional tab: Updates.

Apart from that, the new navigational bar retains the same functionality as the previous one, while promising to provide a cleaner look and comfy use. It will take a little bit of time to get used to the new positioning, but the new navbar definitely looks easy on the eyes.

The latest WhatsApp update is rolling out in waves, so it might take a few more days for everyone to see the new navigation bar in the app.


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