WhatsApp may be adding support for audio file attachments in Channels

WhatsApp may be adding support for audio file attachments in Channels


If you love using WhatsApp channels to stay updated on your favorite brands, groups, or topics, a new feature could be coming soon that would make them even more enjoyable. Found hidden in the app’s code is the ability to attach audio files, opening up more possibilities to share content.

In January, WhatsApp introduced the ability to post voice notes and create polls in channels – handy additions for sure. But for those that would love to share audio, be it as music files or audio recordings from a phone, the experience is still limited. Unlike rival app Telegram, which allows just about any kind of content in its channels, WhatsApp had yet to make it easy to post these types of files. 

However, change could be just around the corner. Android Developer AssembleDebug from TheSPAndroid, managed to activate a hidden feature within WhatsApp that allows sending audio files directly within channels. It works just like sending an audio file in a regular chat or group. During testing, he even spotted that shared music files get a headphone icon to distinguish them from regular voice notes, which get a microphone icon.

WhatsApp channels without the ability to share audio files vs. attaching an audio file once feature has been enabled | Credit: TheSPAndroid

This capability has been available for some time in regular one-on-one chats and groups within WhatsApp. However, it was surprisingly missing when the Channels feature rolled out. There is still the question of when this would roll out officially, which we don’t know yet, but the fact that the feature is already lurking in the code is a good sign.

For now, sharing audio files on WhatsApp channels is still off-limits, but soon it might be a great way to broadcast recording sessions, sample music, or interesting audio recordings captured on your phone with your followers. This all, of course, as long as copyright and privacy laws are respected within your respective region.


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