Weekly deals under $200: Moto G 5G, Apple Watch SE, exciting earbuds and more budget offers

Weekly deals under $200: Moto G 5G, Apple Watch SE, exciting earbuds and more budget offers


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Sometimes, keeping up with all the awesome tech deals is challenging. We get it – merchants release new and better deals on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be bargain hunting, though, as it’s always cool when you can save some money on tech items from your wishlist.

But how can you keep up with all the best offers of the week? Easy peasy – you come here! As the weekend approaches, we’ve geared up for a savings spree with the top deals we came across since Monday. Stay with us if you want to get a lot of bang for your buck.

This time, we’re spicing things up a bit. As you may know, typically, we give you the best of the best offers across several merchants but in no particular price bracket. This week, however, we’re giving you incredible deals on Android phones

Are you ready to save some money? Let’s get into it!

This week’s top three tech deals:

Kicking off this week’s best tech deals is an insane deal on the budget-friendly Moto G 5G (2023). The phone is now available at its lowest-ever price, making it a fantastic choice for Android fans on a budget.

Don’t fancy a new phone? No worries! Best Buy gives you a $150 price cut on a top-notch portable Bluetooth speaker by Sony. The SRS-XG300 has been on sale since last month’s Amazon Spring Sale festivities, meaning the deal could expire soon. The speaker is loud, easy to carry, and it even has lights for all party people to enjoy.

Walmart’s Apple Watch SE (Gen 2) promo is another worthwhile choice for those on a budget. While it lacks the Watch Series 9’s hallmark double-tap gesture, the wearable still covers all the basics with its safety and wellness features. Plus, it’s available for less than $200 through Walmart’s best-selling offer.

And more phone deals under $200 that are a sure hit this week!

With discounts of up to $100, these affordable Android phones are a real steal this week. These options may not tickle the fancy of flagship phone seekers, but the casual user with little money to spend should find them plenty good. The OnePlus Nord 20 has 5G on deck, while the sub-$100 Moto G Play (2023) promises plenty of battery life. 

The cherry on top is a fantastic offer on the Moto G Power 5G (2023). This phone gives you the best of both worlds with solid battery life and faster connection speeds. At $100 off on Amazon, it undoubtedly is one of this week’s best budget phones under $200.

These sub-$200 tablet deals are just as good!

Are you sick of streaming videos from your phone? Well, a good old tablet might do the trick. We’ve got several budget-friendly Android tablets to show you at prices below $200. These options don’t have extra bells and whistles but are perfectly suitable for media consumption and web browsing.

Lenovo, being the king of affordable tablet options (sort of), stole our hearts with its deal on the Tab M9 (2023). The slate is $40 off at Lenovo.com (almost) in time for the weekend. While not that much, the price cut still lands it under the $110 mark. Assuming your budget is $200, you’ll even have some money left for a decent pair of earbuds!

If you want to become part of the Galaxy tablet universe but can’t afford to splurge on one of the best Samsung tablets, you’ll have to act fast. Amazon’s 23% discount on the Galaxy Tab A9+ will only last for a limited time. If you don’t mind getting an older model, the Tab S6 Lite of 2022 is on sale at Walmart. Here, the slate now hovers just under the $200 mark.

There’s no shortage of incredible smartwatch offers under $200, either

This week, Walmart and Amazon compete for shoppers’ favor with equally compelling offers on popular smartwatches for Android lovers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Over at Walmart, for instance, you can again save $70 on the old but gold Galaxy Watch 4 Classic with a 42mm case. If you’re more of a Google fan, why not choose Amazon’s deal on the first-gen Pixel Watch? Surely, this timepiece has some quirks, but it’s comfortable to wear, looks great, and now costs less than $200.

Some older Garmin models are also available this week on Amazon, with discounts ranging between 27% and 40%.

Catch a break with top deals on earbuds this weekend

If you have less than $200 to spend on a new pair of headphones or earbuds, you’ll definitely find what you seek this week. A wide selection of high-end wireless earbuds, like the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, the Pixel Buds Pro, and the OnePlus Buds Pro 2, are now available at discounts of up to 53%. With quality ANC, impressive sound quality, and solid battery life, these options give you a true bang for your buck.

Fitness enthusiasts won’t go wrong with the JBL Endurance Peak 3. These are some of the best budget earbuds for working out you can get right now. Plus, they’re 20% off at Amazon for a limited time. The merchant also gave us some Sennheiser models at great prices this week.

Get the party started with these top Bluetooth speaker deals under $200

To finish off this week’s collection of top sub-$200 tech deals in style, we’ve got a wide selection of portable Bluetooth speakers. Some items we’ve brought to your attention are just now seeing considerable price cuts. Such an option is the Marshall Willen in Cream. That’s right – the Marshall speaker in this particularly sleek color has never been 25% off before.

If you’ve got less than $50 on your hands, don’t worry! The JBL Clip 3 now costs just $39.99 at Best Buy, having received a hefty $30 discount just in time for the weekend. And if you want an immersive light show tuned to the beats of your favorite songs, why not pick JBL’s Pulse 5? This guy is now 20% cheaper at Amazon.


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