Verizon brighten ups April with freebies for new customers

Verizon brighten ups April with freebies for new customers


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There are plenty of reasons to like Verizonhome internet service. It’s fast. You get unlimited data. And above all, there’s no yearly contract involved. If those reasons are not good enough to sway you into signing up for the carrier’s fixed wireless service, it has a fantastic offer for you.

Verizon is offering new customers a Chromebook or gift card up gratis

Verizon‘s 5G Home Plus plan starts at $80 per month, but you can bring the price down to as low as $45 if you get one of its unlimited postpaid plans such as 5G Ultra Wideband and switch to paperless billing.

With the 5G Home Plus plan, you get high-speed downloads. The company will also give you a free wireless router and it will easily cover your whole house with Wi-Fi signals. The company is even willing to give you up to $500 in credit to pay for any termination fees you may be charged when switching from another carrier.

Verizon‘s cloud service, which costs $19.99 per month, is bundled with the offer. It’s also offering a price guarantee of five years, which is two years more than what it usually promises.

Getting to the juiciest part, if you sign up by April 17, Verizon will give you either a free $200 gift card, which you can use at the retailer’s stores or on its website, or the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go, which costs $349.99. It’s a portable laptop with a long-lasting battery life and decent performance. 

To be able to redeem the freebie of your choice, you should activate and maintain the service in good standing for 65 days. Once that period has passed, you will have 60 days or until September 17 to pick up your gift. 

If you choose the Chromebook Go, make sure to keep the service for 180 days, otherwise Verizon may charge you for its price.


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