TikTok takes a page out of Instagram’s book by working on a new collaboration feature

TikTok takes a page out of Instagram’s book by working on a new collaboration feature



Social media platforms have a thing for, well, “borrowing” each other’s hottest features. Remember how Reels and Shorts were basically answers to TikTok’s mega-success? Now, it looks like TikTok’s eyeing Instagram’s territory.

The latest is that TikTok’s about to roll out a “Collaboration” feature. Think bigger Duets – creators could invite up to five others for team-up content. Instagram launched something similar a while back. If you’ve used it, you know the drill. One creator sends an invite, the other accepts, both their names show up on the post, and it reaches everyone’s followers.

All the above was spotted by AssembleDebug from TheSPAndroid, who dug into the latest TikTok app code in version 34.1.15, and found a bunch of hints on how the feature would work. Some of the strings he found included the below language:

  • You’re invited to collaborate
  • You’ll be listed as a collaborator on this post. It’ll appear in your profile, but you can’t edit the post, or withdraw any income it may receive.
  • You’ll have to be invited to collaborate again if you change your mind.
  • Decline invite?
  • Accept invite?
  • You’re now a collaborator on this post
  • You’ve declined this invite to collaborate
  • You’re no longer a collaborator on this post
  • Pending invites
  • Can’t invite or remove collaborators
  • Collaborated with
  • Who’s in this post?
  • Invite collaborators
  • You can only invite 5 collaborators
  • You’ll no longer be listed as collaborator on this post, and it’ll be removed from your profile.
  • Leave collaboration?
  • Creators who accept your invite will be listed as collaborators on your post. It will appear in their profile, but only you can edit the post, and withdraw any income it may receive.
  • A new way to create with others on TikTok
  • You can only invite others to collaborate at most 4 times a month
  • You can only invite collaborators if the privacy settings of this post is set to “Everyone”
  • You can only invite collaborators if your account is set to public

The language makes it pretty clear how it’ll likely work, just like on Instagram. Creators send invites, others accept, and everyone gets a visibility boost. And hey, there are even options for politely backing out if you change your mind.For creators and influencers, this could be a huge boost to the creative possibilities, not to mention the audience numbers. TikTok’s also throwing in some limits – only five collaborators and four invites per month – probably to keep things from getting too chaotic.


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