This might be the last flagship that’s co-engineered with Zeiss, a tipster says

This might be the last flagship that’s co-engineered with Zeiss, a tipster says



As long as my phone takes quality photos, I don’t care that much if there’s a “Leica”, “Zeiss”, “Hasselblad” (or any other) inscription on it. However, phone brands don’t care one about my personal preferences and just keep on collaborating with the aforementioned photo behemoths for their camera-centric flagships. It’s good for sales!For example, OnePlus and Oppo have been collaborating with Hasselblad for years now, vivo has the legendary Zeiss branding on its back, and Xiaomi is working with German heavyweight Leica. Years ago, Leica was collaborating with Huawei, but that partnership ended. That’s how XMAGE, Huawei’s own smartphone photography system, was born.

Not so long ago, rumors had it that OnePlus/Oppo’s Hasselblad collaboration will be no more; also, vivo’s collaboration with Zeiss was said to be nearing its end without a contract renewal. So far, the Xiaomi/Leica collaboration has been excluded from those rumors.

Now, there’s another claim from an X tipster who says the last flagship from vivo that’s co-engineered with Zeiss will be the upcoming X100 Ultra, also known as the X100 Pro Plus.

“I know some people have said the contract will be renewed again, well I am not very confident with this news. Only time will tell, let’s wait”, the tipster adds.

While some say that the X100 Ultra and X100s series may debut in May in China, nothing is official yet. The vivo X100s series consist of the X100s and the X100s Pro, which are expected to be almost identical to their non-“s” counterparts, only built different.

Back to the vivo X100 Ultra, though: so far, we anticipate the 50-megapixel LYT-900 main camera to come with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and variable aperture (just like on the Xiaomi 14 Ultra). Some reports claim that the camera setup is expected to be a quadruple one and to include an ultra-wide lens, a telephoto camera, and a periscope telephoto camera. The latter is said to offer a 200-megapixel resolution with support for a 4.3x optical zoom, up to a 200x digital zoom, and a focal length of 100mm.


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