The budget JBL Endurance Peak 3 are selling like hotcakes on Amazon at their best price in 2024

The budget JBL Endurance Peak 3 are selling like hotcakes on Amazon at their best price in 2024



Are you a fitness enthusiast? You’d probably love what we’re about to share, then. The exceptionally affordable JBL Endurance Peak 3, which rival some of the best workout earbuds, are now available at a sweet 20% discount on Amazon. They’re selling like hotcakes at that price, so you might want to hurry up and grab a pair before supplies run out.

OK, saving just $20 on a pair of earbuds, however budget-friendly they may be, doesn’t sound like a huge bargain. So, what is it that makes these JBL earbuds so popular on Amazon? Well, the answer is simple – the 20% markdown lands them at their lowest price for 2024. In fact, these have been $10 cheaper only once, which was in November 2023.

Whether you’re a runner, a gym fan, or just about any other kind of active lifestyle enthusiast, these budget wireless earbuds won’t disappoint you one bit! However, we should note from the start that they don’t have active noise cancellation on deck. If ANC is a must for you, you’ll have to look for it elsewhere.

The JBL earbuds have a sleek design reminiscent of the Beats Powerbeats Pro, providing a secure fit. Unlike the Beats option, though, these hit the market in 2023 and not all the way back in 2019. Plus, they also come at a much lower price point.

We’ve all gotten used to water-resistant earbuds, but dust-resistant ones still aren’t that popular. Surprise, surprise: these puppies have dust and water resistance, boasting an impressive IP68 rating.

The Endurance Peak 3 offer bass-heavy sound out of the box. For most users, and particularly if you intend to use them at the gym, the boosted bass shouldn’t be a concern. After all, thumping bass keeps you motivated while working out. And yet, these puppies support the JBL app, providing access to some EQ customizations in case the bass-heavy audio profile just isn’t right for you.

Things are just as impressive in the battery life department. The earbuds have an advertised battery life of up to 10 hours per charge, and the wireless charging case gives you a whopping four full charges. In other words, you have up to 50 hours of total playback.


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