T-Mobile spooks customers with a new text about discounts owed to them

T-Mobile spooks customers with a new text about discounts owed to them


Some T-Mobile customers were left stumped last week after receiving a text about how account credits would be applied for certain accounts. The meaning of the text has been deciphered, thanks to a leaked document.

T-Mobile sent messages to some customers that they would no longer get recurring monthly credits as the carrier decided to give them the whole amount at the same time. Here’s the full message:

Since the message was brief and thin on details, many customers who got it were confused as to what the carrier was referring to. The Mobile Report has now shared a document that has cleared everything up.
Per the document, the message was sent to customers receiving monthly credits as part of the Stay Magenta offer. Stay Magenta was a promo T-Mobile began offering to disgruntled customers who were considering leaving the carrier late last year. Customers were either offered a $10 discount for six months or a $25 price cut for two months. The discount was to be applied as a credit to the monthly bill. 

T-Mobile stopped offering the discounts to more customers in February and the company has also apparently decided to combine any remaining credit owed to customers into one final payment. This means that customers will still get the discounts they were promised, but they will be aggregated into a final lump sum payment.

That’s of course nothing to worry about but since the text that T-Mobile sent to the customers who will be impacted was a little vague, it’s easy to see why some customers felt uneasy after receiving it. 

T-Mobile has made many unpopular changes in recent times, so many of its moves are viewed as suspicious, though, in the company’s defense, it does come up with nice discounts, offers, and freebies every once in a while to makeup for the unwelcome policies.


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