T-Mobile makes the iPhone 15 free sans trade-in (or you can save $830 off the iPhone 15 Pro)

T-Mobile makes the iPhone 15 free sans trade-in (or you can save $830 off the iPhone 15 Pro)



Is this the best time to switch to T-Mobile? The many privacy concerns of existing subscribers, new taxes and fees, and the constant changes and revisions to longstanding promotions and freebies might not make it seem that way, but there is (at least) one big reason to consider ditching your current operator in favor of the “Un-carrier.”

Starting last Thursday, April 4, everyone who ports in a number from AT&T or Verizon can get a free iPhone 15 with little effort and no obligatory trade-in. For some reason, Magenta hasn’t advertised the launch of this killer new deal much, and although it may sound familiar, it’s actually different from what the operator has offered before.
Your $830 discount still comes in the form of monthly bill credits, mind you, and it can be applied towards the “vanilla” iPhone 15 or any other member of Apple‘s latest ultra-high-end handset family you prefer. 
That means that you can score said non-Pro 6.1-inch iPhone 15 for free (in the long run) or pay as little as $100, $170, or $370 for the iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max respectively. That’s for entry-level configurations, of course, with various storage upgrades also available at various surcharges.
Apart from a number port-in and a two-year monthly installment plan, you need a new voice line on a premium Go5G Plus or Go5G Next rate plan as well to qualify for this promotion, which is obviously unlikely to last long. In case you’re wondering, Verizon has been running a very similar offer for quite some time now, letting its customers get the iPhone 15 at no charge (after bill credits) without a trade-in… or a port-in.
Finally, AT&T can’t match the generosity of its arch-rivals, merely allowing you to save $700 over a period of three years on one of the best phones money can buy today. That’s probably just one of the reasons why “Ma Bell” is not able to keep up with Big Red and Magenta’s subscriber numbers these days…


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