T-Mobile makes big change allowing pre-paid and Metro customers to get iPhone 15 on Us

T-Mobile makes big change allowing pre-paid and Metro customers to get iPhone 15 on Us


T-Mobile‘s Smartphone Equality plan was designed to get the latest sizzling hot new smartphones into the hands of all consumers regardless of their credit score or the method of payment they use. The nation’s second-largest carrier announced today what it is calling a “major update” to the plan. T-Mobile notes that the plan originally allowed Metro and T-Mobile pre-paid subscribers to score great deals on the latest generation of handsets. But the best deals were locked away for those with the highest credit scores.
After going through nearly 10 years of data from Smartphone Equality customers, T-Mobile discovered that a customer’s payment history is as good a forecasting tool as a consumer’s credit score. In other words, a consumer with a good payment history is as likely to keep up with his/her Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) as is a consumer with a high credit score. 
With the updated Smartphone Equality plan, Metro and T-Mobile pre-paid subscribers can now be offered the carrier’s best deals including those on flagship smartphones. This includes T-Mobile‘s iPhone 15 on Us deal. The update to the plan means that millions of new and existing Metro and T-Mobile pre-paid subscribers can take advantage of great deals that they did not have access to before.

To qualify for the best smartphone deals (including iPhone 15 on Us), Metro and T-Mobile pre-paid subscribers need to have made 12 consecutive monthly on-time payments. A customer bringing his number over to Metro or T-Mobile pre-paid, with an eligible trade-in on any Go5G plan, can receive the 24 monthly bill credits that allows them to get the iPhone 15 on T-Mobile‘s dime without going through a credit check.

For more information on T-Mobile‘s Smartphone Equality plan, you can visit the website by tapping on this link. Keep in mind that if you do make 12 consecutive monthly payments (defined as payments posted to your account within 48 hours after your bill cycle ends and continue for 12 months in a row), to take advantage of the Smartphone Equality benefits, prepaid customers who qualify must switch to a Go5G or Magenta plan. That could greatly increase your monthly obligations to the carrier.


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