T-Mobile is testing a new way to let you get more out of your phone

T-Mobile is testing a new way to let you get more out of your phone



Sometimes, having one mobile number is not enough, but carrying two smartphones is too much. That’s why, many people have two lines on the same phone. T-Mobile already lets you have two lines on the same phone through the DIGITS service but the carrier is now testing another way to add a second line to your handset.
The news comes from none other than The Mobile Report. The outlet claims that T-Mobile is now offering a second line to customers in some markets. 

The second line will get you unlimited talk and text but no data. Your phone must support the dual SIM functionality and it looks like at least one of the SIMs will have to be an eSIM.

The second line has a base price of $25 but it can be brought down with some discounts. For instance, a “Hybrid BAN” discount knocks the price down to $15 and most people will be eligible for it. If you haven’t maxed out your autopay discount, the price will be reduced by another $5 for a final monthly rate of $10.

As for how this new option differs from DIGITS, for starters, DIGITS does let you have data on the second line. Secondly, some people find DIGITS fussy and confusing and it also requires you to download an app.

Apparently, that’s not the case with T-Mobile‘s new second-line plan, so it is a more convenient way to have another number for your work or business.

Still, the new plan sounds broadly similar to DIGITS, so it could be that T-Mobile is planning to rebrand or replace DIGITS. At the moment, it’s being called a test pilot.

The service is being tested in Seattle and South Florida right now and almost everyone on a postpaid plan is eligible for it. It’s apparently not easily accessible even in the test markets though and leaked documents indicate only certain representatives can add it to your plan.

If you live in an eligible location and have a compatible phone, you can reach out to customer support or visit a store to add a new line to your phone.


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