T-Mobile is launching a new free line deal for existing customers

T-Mobile is launching a new free line deal for existing customers



If you’re a longtime Verizon or AT&T subscriber, you probably know how hard it is to get something free from your carrier. Most good deals, be them free phones, free lines, or even substantial discounts on devices and wireless service, are primarily (or exclusively) targeted at new customers switching from rival operators.

The latest such promotion seems to be aimed squarely at folks with active T-Mo service as of earlier this week (April 9, to be exact), at least according to the information prematurely revealed by a couple of seemingly well-connected Redditors.
One of these was allegedly informed by a Magenta representative that a new BOGO offer is coming up, and although we don’t have the full and official details on it yet, we’re fairly certain it’s in the process of rolling out as we speak.

BOGO, of course, stands for “Buy One Get One”, so in order to receive a free voice line (via monthly bill credits), you’ll have to first add a paid new line to your existing T-Mobile account. That makes this promotion slightly less convenient and straightforward than some similar past deals, although we still can’t think of a typical equivalent or alternative available at the likes of Verizon or AT&T.

Oh, and if the new offer happens to sound familiar, that’s because it’s actually identical to a number of other such deals from the last few years. But the beauty of it is that you can now claim another free line on top of any previous free lines.

As usual, you probably only have a limited window of time to get your latest loyalty-rewarding gift, and while certain restrictions and exclusions are likely to apply, we expect the vast majority of postpaid T-Mobile users to qualify with relative ease. The best way to check that is to reach out to customer care and… ask.


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