Spotify brings its audiobooks perk to more countries next week

Spotify brings its audiobooks perk to more countries next week



Spotify introduced about a month ago a special tier for audiobooks lovers, but if you’re already paying for Premium, the new tier isn’t worth it. Just by being subscribed to Spotify Premium ($10.99/month) you get 15 hours of listening to audiobooks for free, whereas paying $9.99 each month for Audiobooks Access will offer you the same number of hours.However, the free audiobooks perk was only available for subscribers in the US, UK and Australia at launch. Thankfully, more Spotify Premium subscribers will be able to benefit from this perk starting next week.

Spotify has just announced that beginning April 9, Premium users in Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand will have access to up to 15 hours of audiobooks per month.

Keep in mind that if you reach your 15-hour limit, you can always add more audiobook listening time by purchasing 10-hour top ups.

Currently, Spotify’s audiobooks library contains nearly 250,000 titles and is expanding rapidly. Back in November Spotify announced that its portfolio of audiobooks hit an impressive number: 200,000.


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