Splendid Walmart deal turns the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic into a must-have timepiece

Splendid Walmart deal turns the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic into a must-have timepiece



Yesterday’s epic Walmart deal on the timeless Galaxy Watch 4 Classic was absolutely incredible. What if you have more money in your pocket but still need a top smartwatch for Android lovers? It seems the merchant asked itself the same question. But it also provides an answer – a Galaxy Watch 6 Classic deal! And quite a good one at that. Possibly for a short while, Walmart gives you a jaw-dropping 34% discount on the best Galaxy watch you can get. As you could’ve probably guessed, it’s not the LTE model that’s on sale, nor is it the larger-sized one. Even so, Amazon sells the 43mm BT Galaxy Watch 6 Classic at a mere 15% off, which is why we recommend going for the Walmart deal straight away.

At such a considerable price cut, which, mind you, is the biggest one we’ve ever seen, the Samsung watch easily becomes the best value-for-money wearable. Sure, it doesn’t have the same beastly battery life as the 2022-released Watch 5 Pro, but it holds plenty of excellent features in its own right.

For less than $300, you can get one of the most beautiful Galaxy wearables. This guy sees the return of the much-loved bezel, which makes the whole user experience a true delight. It also has enough features and smarts to give options like the Apple Watch Ultra a run for their money. Not bad, right?

Excelling in just about every department, the Watch 6 Classic will dazzle you with its brilliant 1.3-inch Super AMOLED display with Always-On functionality. You also have Samsung’s most advanced sleep, heart rate, and ECG monitoring sensors. There’s no shortage of workout apps and safety features, but hopefully, either.

There’s no denying that the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is easily one of the best smartwatches for Android users. And at that price, it’s a delight you’ll definitely want to try for yourself. Don’t miss out on this Walmart best-selling deal and save $124 on the timepiece.


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