Spectrum Mobile now allows subscribers to upgrade to a new phone whenever they want

Spectrum Mobile now allows subscribers to upgrade to a new phone whenever they want


Spectrum Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network organization (MVNO) which means that it doesn’t have its own cellular network. Instead, Spectrum uses parts of Verizon‘s 4G LTE and 5G networks and also gives subscribers access to Spectrum Mobile’s out-of-home Wi-Fi. Spectrum announced two new features today including Anytime Upgrade which, as Spectrum says, “allows new and existing customers to upgrade their phones whenever they want, as many times as they want, eliminating the traditional wait times and condition requirements associated with phone upgrades.”

With Anytime Upgrade, if you’re still paying off your current phone, just return it and Spectrum will cover the amount owed. If the phone is paid off, you can use it as a trade. You can turn in your phone in nearly any condition, even with a cracked screen. The device must be able to turn on, charge, operate as intended, and there must be no water damage. Anytime Upgrade is available for customers subscribed to Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus for one billing cycle and have their account listed as being in good standing. Subscribers must stay with the Unlimited Plus plan for at least two billing cycles.

The second new feature announced today is Spectrum Mobile’s Repair and Replacement Plan which covers broken screens, loss and theft for only $5 per month per device. The plan is available to all Spectrum Mobile subscribers including those in New York state and those who brought their own phone to Spectrum Mobile. Based on Q4 2023 subscriber data of the top three U.S. carriers (you know who they are!), Spectrum Mobile is the fastest-growing mobile provider in the U.S.

Danny Bowman, Executive Vice President, Product for Charter Communications, operator of Spectrum Mobile, said, “With the launch of Anytime Upgrade, we are providing Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Plus customers with straightforward and flexible access to the latest smartphone technology. We understand the frustration of being locked into a device or contract. This offer, along with the new Spectrum Mobile Repair and Replacement Plan, allows our customers to have the newest devices with reliable protection, so they can maximize their wireless network experience and save money.”

Spectrum Mobile’s Unlimited Plus plan is $39.99 per line/month. When you get two lines, the price is reduced to $25 per line/month for 12 months. All taxes and fees are included. The plan offers unlimited talk, text, and data (4G LTE and 5G). Once 50GB of data is consumed in a billing cycle, speeds are throttled to 1Mbps down, 512Kbps up and data is de-prioritized. Maximum video resolution is 720p. 

Mobile Hotspot usage counts toward the monthly high-speed data allowance and after 10GB is consumed in a month, download speeds are reduced to a maximum of 600Kbps. You will have access to Spectrum Mobile’s out-of-home Wi-Fi.


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