Samsung’s smallest Galaxy Watch 6 model with LTE is a dream come true at that Amazon price

Samsung’s smallest Galaxy Watch 6 model with LTE is a dream come true at that Amazon price



Remember the Google Pixel Watch deal we shared a few days ago? What if you want a more contemporary timepiece for your Android phone with more smarts and LTE connectivity? In that case, you should check out Amazon’s deal on the smallest Galaxy Watch 6 model. It’s now available at 23% off!

Although not the lowest-ever price, the $80 price cut is still quite tempting, as it’s available across paintjobs. Also, the 40mm model has only been cheaper once for 2024 at the merchant, at least to our knowledge. By the way, if you have an old timepiece in good condition, perhaps you should shift your attention to Best Buy. This merchant offers extra savings with a trade-in.

What do you get for your investment of just under $270? Quite a bit, actually! The Galaxy Watch 6 is a sleek wearable with a magnificent 1.3-inch Super AMOLED screen. While it looks much less rugged than the best Garmin watches, the Samsung timepiece handles bumps effortlessly, thanks to its sapphire crystal glass protection.

Sensor-wise, you’ve got the whole shebang – an ECG app, a wrist-based heart rate monitor, a sleep coach, workout tracking and safety features, and even women’s health insights. Of course, the well-known BIA sensor is also here, giving you a detailed overview of your body composition.

The Watch 6 can notify you if it detects irregularities in your heart rhythm, which can be a potentially life-saving feature. A top Galaxy Watch, the wearable is also even easier to interact with than previous models. The Wear OS 4.0 used here brings appreciated changes like seamless pairing with new devices without requiring a reset.

The Apple Watch Series 8 alternative for Android fans doesn’t cut corners in the battery department. Typically, it should last about a day and a half between charges, which is satisfactory for conventional smartwatches. If beastly battery life is what you’d prefer, we’d recommend a Garmin watch instead.


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