Samsung’s Object Eraser gets turbocharged with Magnetic Lasso feature

Samsung’s Object Eraser gets turbocharged with Magnetic Lasso feature



With the introduction of One UI 6.1, Samsung boosted the user experience in photo editing with its built-in Samsung Photo Editor, by adding a cutting-edge feature known as Generative Edit.

Brace yourselves, as the innovation doesn’t stop; the app’s already versatile tool set receives another boost with an update to the Object Eraser tool (this allows you to remove unwanted objects from an image, if you can believe it – the name isn’t revelatory at all, right?).

Enter the remarkable Magnetic Lasso option (it’s rolling out in the latest “v3.4.21.41” version of the Photo Editor app).

Previously, Object Eraser offered two main options for erasing undesirables from your photos: a tap-to-select feature which, while automatic, often lacked precision in selection and outlining, and a manual outlining method that proved challenging to execute accurately with just finger swipes on a smartphone screen. The results, as expected, were less than ideal, leaving users craving more control and precision.

Enter Magnetic Lasso, Samsung’s solution to these challenges, bridging the gap between ease of use and meticulous control. This feature allows you to draw a rough outline around the object you wish to remove; the Magnetic Lasso then intelligently clings to the edges of the object, ensuring a precise selection without the fuss of perfect outlining.

SamMobile‘s report says this new feature (the Magnetic Lasso) produces far more satisfactory results compared to the original methods on the Galaxy S23.

To delve into this enhanced editing experience, simply navigate to the Object Eraser tool within the Edit > Tools menu of any image in the Gallery. The Magnetic Lasso feature is conveniently enabled by default but can be toggled off if desired. While this version of the Samsung Photo Editor app was initially accessed via APKMirror, it’s anticipated that Samsung will soon commence its rollout through the Galaxy Store, marking another step forward in the realm of mobile photo editing.


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