Samsung’s first-ever Galaxy Watch FE could come soon with a familiar design and low price

Samsung’s first-ever Galaxy Watch FE could come soon with a familiar design and low price



Is the 2021-released Galaxy Watch 4 worth your attention (and hard-earned money) in 2024? Probably not, and that’s not (only) due to the advanced age of Samsung’s first-ever Wear OS-running device. The fact of the matter is that the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro are better than their forerunner, and if you know where (and when) to look, you can get the newer timepieces at virtually unbeatable prices.

But what if Samsung were to re-release the outdated Galaxy Watch 4 under an exciting new name? Would you be interested then? If the latest AndroidHeadlines report proves accurate, you might need to come up with an answer soon.
This is actually not the first time we’ve heard this theory bandied about, but what we expected a couple of months ago to be confusingly labeled the Galaxy Watch 4 (2024) is now likely to go official as Galaxy Watch FE. Yes, Samsung’s first-ever Fan Edition smartwatch is reportedly in the pipeline, but instead of bearing a strong resemblance with the Galaxy Watch 6, its “design and functionality” are rumored to be heavily influenced by the Galaxy Watch 4 (or rather the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic).

Is that such a bad thing? Not necessarily. After all, we are talking about a gorgeous circular timepiece here with a high-quality Super AMOLED touchscreen in tow and especially a handy rotating bezel. Granted, the black space around that screen is a bit… much by 2024 standards, but if the Galaxy Watch FE is priced aggressively enough, we’re sure many hardcore Samsung fans on tight budgets will be convinced to turn a blind eye and focus on the product’s undeniable strengths.

Just like other Fan Edition devices, this thing will clearly live or die by how affordable it is… and how much cheaper the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 5 Pro will get in the coming months. Of course, there is a (strong) possibility that Samsung will discontinue the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro before the Galaxy Watch FE sees daylight to avoid cannibalization. Stay tuned for more details as we get them.


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