Samsung reportedly plans to fix Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera issues in April

Samsung reportedly plans to fix Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera issues in April



Samsung has been making headlines lately and not for how good its products are. After rolling out the One UI 6.1 update to many Galaxy devices, some users have started to report issues with the display and camera.

Although the South Korean company is not to blame for some of the issues, like the ones plaguing the Galaxy S23, the problems with the Galaxy S24 Ultra are entirely Samsung’s fault.

Samsung’s community forums are full of complaints from Galaxy S24 Ultra users who are dealing with camera issues since the phone was launched on the market. Faulty white balance and overexposure, telephoto imagery issues, and abnormal red colors are some of the more frequent problems that Galaxy S24 Ultra users have been reporting for a long time.

Hopefully, many of these issues are expected to be addressed in an update that might drop as early as April, Samsung insider ICE Universe claims. According to them, one of the future updates will improve the Galaxy S24 Ultra camera and fix many of its issues.

Among the problems that are likely to be addressed in a future update are the inaccurate white balance and abnormal red colors, as well as telephoto image quality.

This camera firmware update that ICE Universe is referring to doesn’t have an ETA yet, but Samsung is actively working on it and hope to be able to release it very soon.


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