Reply suggestions from Gemini may be coming soon to Gmail on Android

Reply suggestions from Gemini may be coming soon to Gmail on Android


Google announced back in February that its Gemini conversational AI would be powering several apps for Google One AI Premium subscribers. Now, it’s starting to look like Android users will finally get AI-powered reply suggestions in their Gmail app.

Code-digging site PiunikaWeb recently got an exclusive tip that the “reply suggestions from Gemini” feature is hiding out in the Gmail app. A little behind-the-scenes tinkering by developer AssembleDebug got the feature up and running.The new AI tool seems to be hitting its stride. In some cases, Gemini even asks for feedback on its suggestions to help it learn and get better. It’s a simple process: just tap the reply you want, and it’ll pop into your composition window. You can adjust the wording or send it as-is.

For those not familiar, Gemini is Google’s conversational AI, formerly named Bard. Think of it as a brainier version of the autocomplete you’re used to. It helps with simple tasks, drafting whole emails, or – as we’re now seeing – suggesting quick replies to keep your inbox moving.

The aforementioned Google One AI Premium plan includes access to Gemini Advanced, which includes the latest Ultra 1.0 AI model — for $19.99 a month. Additionally, this new Google One tier gives you 2TB of storage, as well as other Google One benefits currently found in the Premium tier.

When the Google One AI Premium plan first launched, all users that signed up were eligible for a two-month free trial of the plan. This means that the time to decide whether the plan is worth keeping or not is quickly approaching. This addition to Gmail for subscribers comes right at the tail end of the trial period, but hopefully with enough time for users to try it out before making a decision.

While Gemini was already working its magic with email drafts, it looks like Google’s doubling down on bringing the AI into more places. If all goes smoothly, we should hopefully see the feature become available to users within the next few weeks.


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