Pixel users will soon be able to easily “Lookup” unknown numbers from their call log

Pixel users will soon be able to easily “Lookup” unknown numbers from their call log


If you are tired of seeing those mysterious and spammy calls invading your call log, you are in luck — if you have a Google Pixel, that is. Google is currently working on a new feature for Pixel phones called “Lookup”, and it’s designed to put an end to the guessing game when it comes to phone calls.

Think of Lookup as a search tool for your calls. It lets you run a quick online search on those unknown numbers directly from your phone app, which means no more copying and pasting into a browser phone number search tool. This was initially spotted over in Japan, and now it looks like “Lookup” is being tested in the beta version of Google’s Phone app, as found by AssembleDebug (via PiunikaWeb).

Using it sounds super simple. Just head to your recent calls, tap the unknown number, and check out the options. “Lookup” should be the last option on the right side. Tap that, and you’ll see a list of apps that can search the web (including trusty Google Search). Choose your preferred app and search for the unknown number.

Image Credit: PiunikaWeb

It should be noted that “Lookup” won’t magically reveal the identity of every random caller. It’s really best for finding businesses or flagging pesky numbers that have popped up on scam alert websites. So, it’s not quite a full replacement for hardcore caller ID apps like Truecaller, yet.

There is no official timeline from Google on when “Lookup” will hit Pixels everywhere. Since it’s in testing and can only be seen by enabling some hidden flags, it might not be ready until the next feature drop or maybe even not until Android 15 hits later this fall. In the meantime, it’s best to exercise caution when it comes to dealing with scammers, which should be a rule to be followed regardless of whether you have a handy lookup tool or not.


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