Pixel 9 name surfaces on hidden files found inside latest Google app beta

Pixel 9 name surfaces on hidden files found inside latest Google app beta


There is no question that the Pixel 9 series is coming this year, although the exact number of phones in the line is not clear. The last we heard, Google might release three Pixel 9 handsets this October, the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and the Pixel 9 Pro XL. Similar to how Apple does things, the Pixel 9 Pro will be a smaller “Pro” version while the Pixel 9 Pro XL will be the larger-screened “Pro” model. The Pixel 9 Pro could sport a 6.1-inch display while a 6.8-inch screen should adorn the Pixel 9 Pro XL.
On “X,” AssembleDebug (via AndroidCentral) did what he does best and discovered some code in the beta version of the Google app ( related to the Pixel 9 series. These files are actually connected to the Google Assistant setup wizard which users will see when they first turn on their new Pixel 9 series device to set up the phone. There are also rumors that the Pixel line might include a new “Pixie” digital assistant.

Two Pixel 9 files that AssembleDebug discovered in the Google app beta include assistant_robin_suw_pixel9_fragment.xml which appears to be related to the Google Assistant setup wizard (SUW) page. The second file, assistant_robin_suw_pixel9.json, is an animation that is also related to setting up the phone. Note the reference to the Pixel 9 in the name of both files. There has been no indication that Google will release an assistant named Pixie for Pixel models, but come on now. It sounds too good for this not to be a real thing. 

Google has been working to make Assistant a thing of the past and while the Google app tries to get users to switch from Assistant to Gemini, so far I haven’t been too impressed using the latter instead of Assistant. Android users might end up with a brand new digital assistant, not Gemini, replacing Google Assistant.


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