Pebblebee and Chipolo announce new Google “Find My Device” compatible trackers

Pebblebee and Chipolo announce new Google “Find My Device” compatible trackers


As part of the rollout of Google’s “Find My Device” network today, both popular tracker brands Chipolo and Pebblebee have updated their websites to reflect the new upcoming devices specifically made to work with the “Find My Device” app.

Both brands have stepped up to the plate and updated their inventory with brand-new trackers that feature fast pairing and compatibility within Google’s network. Pebblebee, for example, is rolling out a new Card, Clip, and Tag.┬áThese are rechargeable and have helpful features like LED lights and customizable sounds to make finding your stuff easier. The trackers are not in stock yet, but you can pre-order them directly from Pebblebee now and expect them in late May. You will also be able to buy them from the Google Store in June. Prices seem pretty fair at $29.99 a pop, and they’ve got bundle deals too.

Pebblebee’s Google “Find My Device” trackers

Chipolo is also joining the party with their ONE Point and CARD Point trackers. These devices promise up to two years of battery life, and the standout feature of sound alerts so finding them can be easier. If the sound alerts on these new trackers are anything like their older ones, these should be pretty loud, too. Chipolo’s devices will drop on May 27th on their website, and you can snag them on Amazon or at your favorite store later in July. Price-wise, the ONE Point is $28 and the CARD Point is $35, with those same bundle options for extra savings.

Chipolo’s Google “Find My Device” trackers

It should be noted that both Pebblebee and Chipolo’s new trackers support those unwanted tracker alerts. If an unknown tracker is hanging around with you, your phone will let you know. That’s an important privacy bonus and one that was highlighted in today’s announcement, along with all the other data safeguards that have been implemented into Google’s new crowdsourced tracking network.


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