Pakistan sends message to Beijing, punishes 5 police officials for dam attack

Pakistan sends message to Beijing, punishes 5 police officials for dam attack


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NEW DELHI: Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Saturday ordered to punish at least five senior police officials for negligence after a suicide bomber killed five Chinese engineers at a major dam site in March.
Pakistan’s information minister Attaullah Tarar said the Prime Minister Shehbaz sharif has appointed a committee which identified a regional official, three district officials and the director of security at the Dasu dam project for their “negligence” in fulfilling their duties.
“The prime minister has ordered immediate action against these officials,” Tarar said.
“The prime minister himself will be monitoring the security of Chinese (nationals). Those individuals who have shown negligence will be set as an example,” the minister added.
However, the minister did not specified what their punishment will be.
Tarar further said that the security matters regarding Chinese citizens would be “treated with utmost seriousness and any lapses will not be tolerated.”
Notably, the attack in northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province forced Power China and the China Gezhouba Company to suspend work on two dam projects after the bombing killed the five workers and a Pakistani driver, sending their van into a deep ravine.
Operations by Power China have resumed at Diamer Bhasha while operations at China Gezhouba Group Company at Dasu remain closed.
Pakistani police have detained more than 12 people, including Afghan nationals, in connection with the bombing.
Hundreds of Chinese people are employed at the Dasu and Diamer Bhasha dam construction sites, located around 100 kilometres (62 miles) apart in the mountainous region.
Beijing is Islamabad’s closest regional ally, frequently offering financial assistance to support its often-struggling neighbour and pouring more than $2 trillion into infrastructure projects.
Although, Pakistan has complained about not receiving a fair share of the jobs or wealth generated by the projects.
Last week’s attack came just days after militants attempted to storm offices of the Gwadar deepwater port in the southwest, considered a cornerstone of Chinese investment in Pakistan.



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