OnePlus says bye-bye to photobombs with new AI Eraser tool: Which devices are getting it?

OnePlus says bye-bye to photobombs with new AI Eraser tool: Which devices are getting it?


AI has been a buzzword lately, especially with smartphone brands jumping on the generative AI bandwagon. Now, OnePlus is joining the fray with its new feature called “AI Eraser,” which will be available on select OnePlus devices starting this month.

OnePlus has introduced a new feature called AI Eraser (via 9to5Google). This feature uses GenAI (generative AI), and it’s all about letting you tweak or erase stuff in your photos that you are not digging. This new AI tool is set to roll out on the following OnePlus devices across the globe:

The AI Eraser taps into GenAI to remove unwanted elements from photos, much like Google’s Magic Eraser does. Samsung’s Galaxy AI suite in the latest Galaxy S24 series also offers a similar editing capability.

The AI Eraser feature will be integrated into the OnePlus Photos gallery app. Once users pinpoint specific objects in a photo, the AI kicks in, analyzing the chosen area and crafting a replacement background that seamlessly meshes with the surroundings, all while complementing the overall style of the image.

The company stated that the new feature will roll out gradually to the mentioned devices throughout April, although it hasn’t provided a specific date. It’s still uncertain whether the feature will be delivered through an Oxygen OS update or a dedicated update for the OnePlus Photo Gallery app.

OnePlus plans to introduce more AI features sometime this year. However, there’s no word yet on what those features might be. This move may mark the start of OnePlus diving deeper into the world of AI, but it is not the first time OnePlus has used AI.

Recently, it introduced the AI Summariser, a handy tool for generating call summaries, though it’s currently only available on the OnePlus 11 and 12. Additionally, last year, the company launched an online AI Music Studio where users can generate songs.


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