One UI 6.1 update blamed for 40% decline in charging speeds for some models

One UI 6.1 update blamed for 40% decline in charging speeds for some models


For example, one Galaxy Fold 5 user says that despite using the original 25W Samsung charger, his phone is getting “refueled” at the 40% slower speed of 15W. He also says in his post that he sees many Galaxy S23 and Fold 5 users complaining about the same issue on social media. This post is found in the U.S. version of the Community Forum while in the edition of the forum for the UAE, a Galaxy device owner says “Attention People using fast charger for s23 Ultra, now the charging speed is limited to 15W, even if u have 25W brick.”
One UI 6.1 brings a fix to the screen burn-in issue affecting certain Galaxy S23 series models that was blamed on the One UI 6 update. It also contains several AI-assisted features including the ability to remove or move objects in a photograph, and turn any video into a super slow-motion video even if was recorded at regular speed. The update also includes the highly publicized Circle to Search. With this feature, you can use your finger to circle on the screen an item you have an interest in to generate a Google Search of it.
The coolest feature is Live Translate which will allow two parties on a call to have their words translated in real time. Available on the Galaxy S24 line with One UI 6.1, what makes Samsung’s implementation of this so great is that the phone can be set so that the Galaxy S24 user hears only the translation allowing the conversation to have a more natural back-and-forth feel to it.
Not everyone is convinced that the slower charging speeds are due to the One UI 6.1 update. SamMobile believes that since charging speeds decline as the battery percentage rises, users’ phones could be charging at 15W because the batteries powering these units already were at a high percentage.


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