Nothing sets an impending ‘Play Date’ for its next big product launch

Nothing sets an impending ‘Play Date’ for its next big product launch


Nothing has something in the pipeline, and if that sentence confuses you, you’re probably not familiar with Carl Pei‘s 2020-founded tech startup. If the name of the 1989-born OnePlus co-founder also doesn’t ring any bells… then what exactly are you doing on our website on this fine spring day?

All jokes and puns aside, we’re pretty sure you’ve all seen or at least heard of an eye-catching Nothing product or two before, and by the looks of a fresh Twitter X teaser, another one of those is right around the corner.

Unfortunately, we can’t be certain at this time exactly what type of device will be unveiled on April 18 and how it might look, but we’re ready to venture a wild guess that the Nothing Ear (3) are what the new teaser image below is all about.

Said picture shows a beetle and a frog in what looks like a very intense staring contest (yes, beetles do have eyes apparently made up of many units called “ommatidia”), which doesn’t have anything to do with wireless earbuds or headphones in general. 

But Nothing has made an… interesting habit out of building buzz for unreleased tech products with seemingly unrelated pictures of animals and other creatures. Coincidentally (not!), last year’s Nothing Ear (2) arrival was preceded by a social media teaser starring a, you guessed it, beetle similar to the one featured in this latest image.
The frog could therefore represent the technological leap of the Ear (3) over their forerunner… unless, of course, we’re reading too much into an artistic nature-inspired photo. Either way, we strongly recommend you tune into Nothing’s social media channels on April 18 if you’re a fan of true wireless earbuds that look nothing like Apple’s industry-leading AirPods while sounding essentially as good and costing a lot less.

In the meantime, be sure to continue keeping an eye on our website as well for the inevitable barrage of leaks and rumors preceding this fast-approaching “play date.”


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