Newest Android 14 QPR beta brings the new HQ mode to the Pixel USB webcam

Newest Android 14 QPR beta brings the new HQ mode to the Pixel USB webcam


Google added a handy webcam feature to Pixel phones earlier this year with Android 14 QPR1. As great as it was, though, the image quality wasn’t exactly blowing anyone away. Last month, it was discovered that Google was mitigating this by adding an HQ option to the webcam and that it was already working on Android 15 Developer Preview 2. Thankfully, this has now also been spotted on Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2.1, which just began rolling out yesterday.

Found by the eagle-eyed Mishaal Rahman, this new mode promises to give your Pixel’s webcam the glow-up it deserves. A little “HQ” button now sits in the top corner, ready to transform your video quality. One tap and your Pixel webcam will prioritize clarity over battery life, and this time it will tell you exactly what it is doing via a popup.

New Pixel webcam HQ mode with power and heat warning

Through this popup, engaging High Quality Mode on your Pixel will issue a warning that it disables power optimizations, thus using up more power and possibly heat up your device. Of course, HQ mode will gobble up more battery than usual, so you might not want it on all the time. But for important stuff, like streaming? Rahman says the quality boost can be seriously impressive.

Got a Pixel and want to try this out? If you are willing to wait a little longer, you might not need to jump on the beta. You will most likely be able to give this a try in an upcoming feature drop or when Android 15 makes its public debut later this year.

Google’s clearly committed to making Pixel’s webcam feature more than just a gimmick, and High Quality Mode could be a sign of good things to come. This is huge for anyone who wants better video without shelling out for a fancy webcam. Your trusty Pixel may be all you need.


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