New Shazam Wear OS update gives the app independence from your phone

New Shazam Wear OS update gives the app independence from your phone


Music lovers who are also the owners of a Wear OS watch will be pleased to know that there is a new version of Shazam for you. Shazam for Wear OS just got a major upgrade that will pretty much make the app independent of your phone and work completely on its own on your smartwatch. This means you can now identify songs directly from your wrist without needing to have your phone nearby.

With this update (version 14.18) of Shazam, there will be no longer a need to fumble around to connect with your phone app (via 9to5Google). As a matter of fact, you won’t even need the Shazam app installed on your Android phone anymore. Even offline, your smartwatch Shazam will now record a snippet and then once you’re back online, it’ll work its magic and tell you the song’s name. This will make it so much easier to identify songs on the go.

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Furthermore, if you happen to have more than one device, songs you Shazam on your smartwatch will now instantly sync to your other devices. This functionality does require you to be logged into the app in order to work, though.

This new feature will make it even more convenient for users to quickly identify songs on the go without having to rely on their phone. It also adds a seamless experience for those who use multiple devices within the Shazam ecosystem.

This new version of Shazam for Wear OS is widely available now via the Google Play Store. Apple acquired Shazam back in 2017, so it is good to see the app continue to be supported on Android and Wear OS devices. This update shows that Shazam is committed to providing a user-friendly experience across various platforms, as users can now easily access the app’s features on their smartwatches, regardless of the operating system they use.


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