New report says Samsung’s budget-priced timepiece is not called the Galaxy Watch FE

New report says Samsung’s budget-priced timepiece is not called the Galaxy Watch FE


The rumor mill has us spinning like a top when it comes to a lower-priced version of the Galaxy Watch that is expected to be released by Samsung this year. Just a couple of days ago, we told you about a report that called for the re-release of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic under the name Galaxy Watch FE. On Sunday, leaker Max Jambor, who is the Editor of the AllAbout Samsung website, posted a couple of tweets on “X” making it clear that the lower-priced wearable will be known as the Galaxy Watch 4 (2024) and not the Galaxy Watch FE.
Jambor spoke with Android Authority to expand on his brief tweets and he said that the Galaxy Watch 4 (2024) will be exactly what you would expect from a Galaxy Watch FE but without using the FE name. Samsung started using the FE designation in 2017 after the 2016 fiasco known as the Galaxy Note 7 was all done being swept away by Samsung. While the Galaxy Note 7 might have had battery-related issues that made the phone a threat to explode at any time, the device captivated many.
Had there been no issue with the Galaxy Note 7’s battery, the phone might have set sales records for Samsung at the time as it did get off to a strong start before Samsung was forced to recall it. Many liked the Galaxy Note 7 so much that they refused to turn their phone in which forced Samsung to completely shut down Galaxy Note 7 units that were still in the hands of the public.

So Samsung decided to offer the Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition (FE) and since then it has offered FE models for some of its flagship phones and tablets that are a bit cheaper with slightly less impressive specs than what is found on the flagship models. The Galaxy Watch 4 (2024) will feature a 1.4-inch circular dial with a Super AMOLED display and a 396 x 396 resolution. The watch should come with WearOS pre-installed and it will feature a rotating bezel.

Samsung currently sells the Galaxy Watch 4 for $199.99. It will be interesting to see how many changes are made to the watch and how much the price of the Galaxy Watch 4 (2024) will be.


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