New Google Fi Wireless ad may actually be leaking the Pixel 8a

New Google Fi Wireless ad may actually be leaking the Pixel 8a


The Google Pixel 8a, successor to the popular mid-range Pixel 7a, has been swirling in the rumor mill for a while now, with plenty of leaks and high quality renders in tow. However, as we wait for the official reveal of the device, which is likely to take place during Google I/O next month, it is possible that it has been staring us in the face this whole time.

As reported by GSM Arena, a tipster noticed a recent Google Fi Wireless ad that appears to feature, you guessed it, the Pixel 8a front and center. Though not immediately obvious, keen-eyed techies would notice that the microphone placement in the “Porcelain” phone in the ad, does not exactly match the one on the standard Pixel 8. See for yourself in the below photo of the Google Fi ad versus images of the Pixel 8 as shown in the Google Store, plus the video embedded below that shows even more details.

Credit: GSM Arena

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Additionally, some even believe the phone in the background might be a Google Store-exclusive “Bay” colored version of the Pixel 8a. With its matte frame, it certainly doesn’t look like a Pixel 8 ProPixel 8a devices in the same ad?
So far, based on all the leaks, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what to expect on the Pixel 8a: the powerful Tensor G3 chip, a generous 8GB of RAM, ample storage, and a gorgeous 120Hz display. But could this new leak suggest that Google might be gearing up for a release sooner than we thought? Or did this image of what is believed to be a Pixel 8a just happen to slip through the cracks? Honestly, with Google’s track record of product leaks, this could go either way.
Another possibility is that this may not be the Pixel 8a at all and just an image fallen victim of bad photoshopping. It’s best to approach this with a healthy dose of skepticism for now.

While the ad leak is intriguing, it’s far from confirmed. Nonetheless, it adds fuel to the Pixel 8a anticipation. This budget-friendly powerhouse is shaping up to be a compelling phone, even with a rumored slight price increase over the 7a.


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