Motorola’s newest phone is an ultra-affordable 90Hz affair with a surprisingly capable camera

Motorola’s newest phone is an ultra-affordable 90Hz affair with a surprisingly capable camera



What comes after the entry-level Moto G04 in Motorola’s super-expansive Android handset family? If you guessed “Moto G05”, we can totally understand why your mind went there. And there’s every chance that model will come out at some point next year.

Until then, however, the company’s cash-strapped fans in “select” markets across Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia need to settle for a freshly unveiled Moto G04s.

The spec sheets are basically different in one aspect and one aspect only, which is however very important and makes the Moto G04s a much smarter buy at a recommended retail price of 119 euros on the old continent.

While the Moto G04 comes with a decidedly modest single 16MP rear-facing camera, the “s” variant bumps that shooter up to 50MP while also integrating Quad Pixel technology for “4x better low-light sensitivity.”

That sounds like an incredibly advanced imaging sensor for such a crazy affordable phone, and believe it or not, the Moto G04s has a few other hardware aces up its sleeve too.

We’re talking about an admittedly low-resolution but high-refresh rate 90Hz IPS LCD screen measuring a fairly generous 6.56 inches in diagonal, a massive 5,000mAh battery equipped with reasonably fast 15W charging capabilities, and RAM Boost functionality designed to take your multitasking to the next level when the standard 4 gigs of (physical) memory are not enough to keep all your activities going.

Although it’s obviously not made from a very premium material, the Moto G04s can certainly turn a few heads too with its matte finish and four “vibrant” colorways, including Satin Blue, Concord Black, Sea Green, and Sunrise Orange.

Powered by a Unisoc T606 processor, the new-old handset is definitely no screamer (even compared to other budget phones out there), but it does run Android 14 on the software side of things right out the box, which essentially guarantees a smooth user experience. Too bad the chances of ever seeing this model officially released in the US are about as solid as a New York Knicks victory in an NBA championship game in the near future.


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